Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Offical.......

Matt Holliday has been traded to the Cardinals. In exchange for Holliday (and 1.5million dollars) the A's received three prospects: Brett Wallace (top offense player in their farm system), OF Shane Peterson, and RHP Clayton Mortensen. I am bummed to see him go as I wont be able to watch him play (unless I subject myself to watching a Mets game when they are playing the Cards).

To me, this is a great deal for the Cardinals. Although they did give up three prospects for a guy that is basically a half-year rental, this is an acquisition that could really help them towards the end of the season and into the playoffs. You never know how prospects are going to turn out, so at this point its hard to gauge whether or not they gave away too much for him. What do you guys think?

In regards to Holliday, i still here people talking about how hes not really that "great" of a hitter. They claim the only reason he put up good numbers was because he played at Coors. While his numbers are down this year, you have to take into account several different factors that would have very little to do with talent and more of circumstance. For one, he made the transition from the National League to the American League. He has had to adjust to different pitchers and also a different ballpark. We all know Oakland's Coliseum was made for pitchers, and it is something that would obviously have an effect on the number of HR's he has been able to hit at home.

All in all, just remember that Holliday was just as successful in Colorado when he played away from Coors. Check out a post I wrote a while ago that compared his home and away stats. He is a great player and you will see that based on the large salary he is going to be receiving next year. Whether the Yankees go for him or not remains to be seen, but nothing has ever stopped them before from signing a guy for a crap load of money. I know a lot of people want to stay away from him and his contract, but in the end I would rather see him out there than Johnny Damon. Can you imagine how many HR's he would hit at Yankee Stadium (aka Coors East)?


Kyle said...

Seems like Holliday is re-energized now that he's on a new that's in a playoff hunt.

He had a great game tonight going 3 for 4.

Seems like a good trade for both teams.

Bruno Von Rottweiller said...

i think Holliday is a very good player BUT is he great? He has a chance to shine in a very neck to neck playoff spot where the Cards are neck to neck with the loathesome unlovable Cubbies,the surprise team the Astros(go Stros) and the Brewers. Point well taken about Coors Field East and if Bay still stinks like he has , you might get your wish seeing him in pinstripes. Johnny Damon in left, I get that. ...BUT Swisher in right is scary,too! Kay keeps on talking about how he will cost them a game one of these days....I happen to agree that that will happen.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

He definitly will cost them a few games. As someone said, he makes easy plays difficult and difficult plays easy.

And you cant say Holliday is great yet, as you have stated. Hes still young and has alot to prove. People need to see that he can indeed put up the same numbers (or close to) that he did when he was in Colorado.