Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am backkk! Lets hope I can keep it up!

Life has been busy and I have just not had the energy to blog. But I am going to go at it again, this time with more consistency. I now have my Master's degree in Literacy and just added an extension to that which allows me to teach mathematics up until 9th grade. Now the fun starts to find an actual teaching jobs. NY is the probably not the best state for finding a job in teaching.

Anyhow, this past month I have started my baseball excursions. I went to see a Mets game a few weeks ago at the new CitiField, saw the AAA Yankees on Sunday at Syracuse, and visited Coney Island which happens to be located right next to the Brooklyn Cyclones (home of the Single-A Mets). The trip to Syracuse was fun as I ended up sitting behind the Yankees bullpen. You definitely hear/see some interesting things while out there. The relievers are quite bored at times it appears. I will write about that tomorrow and show you some pictures i took while I was at the game on Sunday.

As for the trip I took to Coney Island on Saturday, that was an experience in itself. It took 5.5 hours to get from Albany to Brooklyn (I went on a bus trip). I do not know why it took so long but it made from a very long and grumpy trip. It was an interesting experience in which I went to the New York Aquarium and walked around Coney Island (which apparently is not an island nor is it anything like Ellis Island). The highlight of the trip was when I noticed there was a baseball field a few streets down so I begged my friend to walk down the streets to discover the team that made this field their home

I was surprised to see that this field was home to the short-season Single-A Mets. While the season doesn't officially begin until the end of June, I was able to take some pictures and walk around the outside of the building. It looks like a nice establishment and a great place to catch some baseball. Perhaps another game to add to my agenda this year. Here a some pictures from the trip: