Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yankees vs. Athletics: July 25th, 2009

Back from the game yesterday in which the Yankees ended their 9 game winning streak, losing to the A's by a score of 6-4. It was a perfect day for baseball which left me with another lovely sunburn (not too bad thing time though). I have to say I was quite disappointed to hear that batting practice was cancelled. I know I shouldn't been shocked, as they typically cancel BP when they are playing a day game after a night game, but I was hoping that for some reason it was be on for Saturday. It was worth getting there 3 hours early though as I saw this lady I met in Tampa in March on the scoreboard and was able to catch up with her for a few minutes. I know I have said it before, but you seriously meet the best fans when you go to spring training.

Aside from that, I learned a few things yesterday that I figured would be cool to share.
  • First of all, the security at Yankee Stadium is ridiculous. Upon entering the stadium, the lady made me take out my keys so that she could inspect them (don't ask me why. Does anyone have a clue?). After that, she made me take out my cell phone so she could check that. Then after checking my phone she wanted to see my camera. Then finally, she wanted to look throughout my entire bag. It was quite a process and it was something I have never experienced when going to a baseball game.
  • Apparently the family section for the visiting team is located in the main box level. I for some reason thought the players got a discount on seats, but according to a certain player, the tickets cost 80 dollars a piece, which is the same price that they are listed on So not only do the players get seated in the second level (not bad seats, but also not great), but they are also charged the same amount that the fans are. Interesting.
  • When I was watching BP, one of the clubhouse guys for the Yankees was talking about some of the things that the guys in the BP do to kill time. I guess they have a contest to see who can flick sunflower seeds into a cup that has been placed on the ground. He also was telling a story about how players would flick cups in the air and try to get them to land standing up. Apparently the guy on the team that was able to do this trick the best was the great Paul O'Neill. He raved about O'Neill's talent on mastering this skill.
  • I am tired of the moat that the Yankees have around the rich seats. I was hoping to catch Leiter when he was on the field, but I was surrounded by the huge cement wall and couldn't get close enough. Him and Kay were signing balls for the rich fans that were lucky enough to be there. Let me note, that not many of the people sitting in the Legends seats arrive early for batting practice. Perhaps they are all inside enjoying the lovely array of food that is in the restaurant designated solely for these fans (not that I'm envious or anything, lol).
  • The two guys behind me were quite annoying. I could overhear some of their conversations pertaining to baseball and I had all I could do to not intervene into it. I couldn't figure out where they were coming up with half of the stuff they were talking about. I wish I could remember more, but all that I can recall is the conversation they had about Phil Hughes and how he hasn't done a very good job in the bullpen and that Girardi uses him too much. He said something about Swisher too that made me just shake my head in disgust.
  • Gotta love the bleacher creatures. Nick Swisher does this salute to them when they chant his name and it is so funny. Gardner shows his muscle to them and I can't remember what Cabrera does to them. Its pretty comical nonetheless.
  • Apparently Michael Kay has a fan club. A group of four people sitting in section 334 had a sign for Kay what was shown on the jumbo-tron. It was funny and I hope Michael was able to see it. If not, here's a picture. The zoom on my camera is amazing I have to say.
  • A Mark Melancon sighting, too bad he didn't actually get into the game. The man hasn't pitched in a game since July 10th. While I know he hasn't earned his way to pitch in close games, if you aren't going to use the guy, send him back to to AAA. He still has a lot of learning to do and its silly having him rot on the Yankee bench, practicing his skills on flicking a sunflower seed.
  • I tried to write down the names of the songs that all the players come out to, but I could only recognize a few of them. This is what I got:
Nick Swisher: Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
Mark Teixiera: I Want to Rock
Alex Rodriguez: Jay-Z: Public Service Announcement
Melky Cabrera: I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)

All in all, a good game. That is probably the last game I will be seeing at the stadium as the Yankees have priced me out. It was a fun time all around though, despite them losing to the dreadful A's. Can't win them all, folks!


Kyle said...

It was a fun game despite the loss. This team doesn’t quit. Aceves who has been great all season was unable to get that 3rd out. Losses happen, but overall the Yankees have been playing well.

The weather was great yesterday and it was a good day to at Yankee Stadium.

You are right about the prices. They are crazy. I can only imagine what the playoff prices will be like, but I’ll be crazy enough to pay…just not sure where.

Oh and btw there is a typo in your heading. It should be July 25th 2009 and not July 5th 2009

The Commish! said...

Sounds like a great time Christina despite the loss. I guess I won't blame you for the loss, LOL.

Sounds like you and Kyle had fun. I know if you were at the game by yourself you would have told those 2 guys behind you off, LOL.

Bleacher creatures are great and it's great Swisher has become one of their favorites and salutes them.

Michael Kay fan club? oy vey! Where is the Al Leiter fan club?!!!!

Good pictures, should post some more.

I agree about security, not just at Yankee Stadium but everywhere.

I heard you saw Mike Francesa on the way home?

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Yes, I did see Mike Francesa on the way home!! It was insane he just happened to be driving to Saratoga the same time I was driving home!

As for the Al Leiter fan club, I am sure there must be one out there. I cant be the only person who enjoyed watching him pitch.

I have some more pictures I will post later. I got a few shots of the inside of the old stadium. It is so depressing

And you are correct. Had Kyle not been with me, I would have said something. I tend to be more voal when I am by myself for some reason! I guess I dont want people I know to think I am insane! He probably knows that already by now though.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...


Kyle said...

You should have said something to them. You don't need to be not as vocal just b/c I'm there. Anyway it was a fun game. Hopefully the Yankees do their part and we can see playoff baseball this year too.

Great pictures so far. Your camera has a great zoom.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Nice pics, Christina.

As much as I hate A-Roid, and his douchebaggery, I must admit that Public Service Announcement by Jay-Z is a good choice. "Allow me to to reintroduce myself, my name is Hov..."

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

The song that Melky has is quite catchy too. The first time I heard it, i was like what a ridiculous song. Now everytime I hear it i find myself singing along to the song.

It was funny too hearing Swish come out to Save Horse Ride a Cowboy.

Jenny said...

Where did you sit?

How much was parking?

I'm trying to score a game before school returns.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Chris, you're right about the Melky tune. I freaking hate it, but it's catchy as hell. I may or not be singing it right now.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Jenny- I sat in section 109. I got a good deal on stubhub. I would recommend checking there for tickets. As for parking, it is 19 dollars to park. If you go I would suggest paying for it beforehand or using a credit card. The lines are lone when you wait til after the game and pay with cash.

Eye: hahah I am listening to the song too right now. How sad is that. We are both GUILTYYYYYY!