Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Stadium-The Good the Bad, and the Ugly..

Since we are approaching game 101 of the season, I figured we have seen a good enough sample size to overview the positive and even negative aspects that exist with the new Yankee Stadium. I have been down there 3 times so far this year (2 regular season games and 1 preseason game against the Cubs) and there are things about the stadium that I enjoy and there are also things that I feel could be fixed. If anyone else has any opinions about this, please chime in.


  • The seats are larger and definitely more comfortable than those at the old stadium. I haven't sat in the upper level, so I am unsure if those are the same as the lower section. Regardless, more leg space is always a good thing and makes for a more enjoyable time.
  • Larger array of food. I had a hard time putting this in the positive category, mostly because I don't go to a baseball game to eat sushi or gourmet food. All I need is a hot dog and I am good to go. For some though, this may be a positive so I figured I would throw it in this category.
  • I have to say, I am impressed with the staff at the new Stadium. They are extremely friendly and if you need anything, there is always someone nearby to assist. They definitely have improved in that department.
  • The screen is center field is amazing. I thought the Jays had a huge screen until I saw the one that the Yankees have. It is definitely incredible and one of a kind. I wonder how much that thing cost the taxpayers?
  • I have heard the museums inside the stadium are nice. I have yet to see them as the lines are always tremendously long. I hope one day I will be able to.


  • First and foremost, has to be the prices of the seats. The Yankees claim a majority of their seats are affordable to families, but I don't see that as being the case. The bleachers (12 dollars) are sold out and the cheapest you can typically find them on stub hub is for $40. I also find it comical that they have two entire sections that are obstructed from seeing half of the field. I walked past one of the sections, and I truly feel bad for people who have to sit in those seats, next to the restaurant. The view is horrendous and those 3 tiny flat screen TVs they put on the wall do not make up for it at all, especially when it is sunny out and there is a glare.

  • The moat. I hate the moat with all of my heart. The Yankees wanted to keep the peons out of the rich section, and not only did they keep us out, but they also made the the stadium look like an embarrassment. The old stadium kept the people out, but they didn't have to build this huge concrete divider to keep them out. The blue railings worked fine. It has the feel of a class system, and I hate it. The people in the lower level Legends seats have the option of going inside their private restaurant while the game is going on. And there are also 3 other restaurants inside the stadium. I don't get it people. Are you coming to a game to watch baseball, or to sit and have fine dining? If I want to have a nice dinner, the last thing I am going to do is pay thousands of dollars at a baseball stadium.

  • The out of town scoreboard is ridiculous. You can only see 4 games at a time which is something I don't understand. I also think the design of the boards is ridiculous. It is impossible to find the pitch count, speed and pitch thrown because there is so much going on. It was by far a more simpler design at the old stadium.

  • I am adding food to this list actually. The prices are absurd and sometimes I wonder if I am at a baseball game or a amusement park. Do we really need all of this nonsense? This is one of the reasons I enjoy going to the Rogers Centre over Yankee Stadium.

  • In addition, do we have to have those ridiculous people coming down the aisle every 2 minutes selling food? The new deal with the Yankees (at least for the lower level) is that they have these waitresses coming around with a hand-held device that takes down the food you want. They don't have the vendors guys who throw the drinks at you. Instead, these people come down during the game, sit in front of your face and take orders and carry a crap load of food in your vicinity for forever. For those of us who actually are going to watch the game, it gets old really fast. Just ask my friend. I was ready to trip these people because they obstructed my view on about 100 different occasions and they aren't quick about their job. They take their time.

  • Monument Cave. I really don't need to go on and on about this. If you have been to the new stadium, you know what I am talking about. I think they forgot about it in their original designs and compensated by putting it wherever they could fit it. Clearly they didn't spend much time making this decisions because it looks absurd.

This picture was taken in the 4th inning. How sad does that look? I would die to have tickets that were that close to the field.


Kyle said...

Great post!

Nice pics. Also, I wanted to comment on the waitresses with the hand held devices for ordering food. That's only for certain areas. It's not for bleachers, terrace, or grand stand. It's for suite areas, field box, and seats like that.

I agree about the seats being more comfortable and the cup holders are nice too.

The food is definitely expensive, but they know that enough people will pay for it.

They should get rid of the moat. It's fine having nicer more comfortable seats inside the bases. Other teams do that, but the moat is unnecessary and should go. Also, Monument park shouldn't hidden.

I miss the old Stadium, but this new place is nice and has some good things about it. I'll be interested in seeing how the atmosphere is during the Fall and then into October.

The Commish! said...

I second it-great post!

As I have yet to be to the new stadium, this is really helpful.

Hopefully I will get to a game before the end of the season.

If not, my dad and I are definitely going to Old Timers Day next year.

Bruno Van Rottweller said...

I like the cons not the pros! AS for the food, nothing beats the Shake Shack at Ebbets Field/Safeco East/Polo Grounds in Flushing! I miss the Stadium before the renovation and now the new one. I find it comical that the fools at YES are directed to cut out the area behind home plate! Yeah, that empty moat area. The Palace that Greed Built indeed or the House that Levine and Trost Built!

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

What's your favourite part of the new stadium?

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

thanks guys

Eye- honestly, I really dont like the new stadium. Not only is it too expensive in every aspect, but they have taken the experience away from the game. It has turned into this huge tourist attraction where people are chilling in restaurants and sitting in luxury boxes. I mean there were negative aspects to the old stadium also, but it at least had the feel of you being at the baseball game. THis new place, not so much. But hey the seats are comfy and you could find any type of food that you want in one place.