Saturday, July 25, 2009

Game Time!

Heading down to the stadium today to see Yanks vs. A's. This was a last minute decision but the way I look at it is life is short and baseball makes me happy, so why the hell not go? It is an expensive trip for me, thanks to the Yankees raising the tickets and the parking, but oh well, its just paper right?

Yesterday was a good day (sorta) for both the Halliday boys (Holliday, Halladay). Matt went 4/5 (2B, RBI, SB) last night for his new team and poor Halladay was snubbed of another win. What does the guy have to do to get a win? He pitched 9 stellar innings, giving up 1ER and 4 hits and 10K's. Could this have been the last time you see him wearing a Jays uniform? Will be a sad moment for the Jays if this is the case.

Well, time to hit the road. The long journey awaits me. Lets hope I can stay awake for the drive.


The Commish! said...

Have fun at the game! Too bad your buddy Holliday was traded before you could see him!

Get me a foul ball please!

The Commish! said...

Yankees lose as Christina jinxes them!!!

I hope you at least got me a foul ball!