Monday, November 10, 2008

Breaking News!!

Reports are saying my boy Matt Holliday will be traded to the Oakland A's. I have mixed feelings about this but I guess being traded to an American League team will allow me to finally be able to watch him more on tv. In 2009 he will be a Yankee, that is a must.

For the past few years, I have been calling Mike and the Mad Dog (when there was a mad dog), telling them about Holliday and how good he was.Last year I called when they were discussing NL MVPS's and they knocked me down and said he was a nobody- that he played in Colorado and that's why his HR's were so high. But in reality, his numbers away were just as good as his numbers at home. The guy has some amazing numbers and was basically an unknown around here until people were able to see him when the Rockies made it in the playoffs. Hopefully he will finally get the recognition he deserves!

Compare his 2008 stats

286 95 23 2 15 .332 59
253 78 15 0 10 .308 29

Yes, his numbers are higher at home, but he also had more at bats at home. The discrepancy in the numbers are not vast therefore the assumption should not be made that his only success comes from playing at Coors Field. It is also important to note that his numbers for 2008 were one of the lowest of his of his career. He had nearly 100 less ab's this year than last year which could be in part to Colorado winning only 74 games- as opposed to 90 the year before. The 2007 Rockies were a better offensive ballclub than the 2008 Rockies were. Only one player (with a min of 250 ab's) hit above 300 this year- I bet you can guess who that was.