Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quick post

Great win last night by the Yanks. I being the loser I am, fell asleep in like the 7th inning and missed the whole she-bang. Oh well, I guess thats why they have a Yankees encore. Ramiero Pena looked great and so did the Melk Man.

My man, Roy Halladay is 5-1 already. He's such a great pitcher.

Wedding today, so will be missing most of the game, and will be wearing a dress in the process. This should be quite an interesting sight....

Anyhow, hopefully we'll see a big game from Sabathia. They have won four straight, and a win today to make it five must be a record of some sort.

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Kyle said...

I was convinced that Friday night's game was over and the Yankees would lose. I'm glad that I jinxed the result.

Halladay is amazing. He's a free agent after 2010. Should be interesting how things play out with him.

Today's Yankee game was a mess. Jeter's been great defensively all season. Prior to today's game he had a 1.000 fieling percentage, 0 errors, and he was 2nd in the AL in range factor. Today he had his 1st error and it lead to a run.

Even worse was Teixeira, Damon, and Veras. CC was battling. 1-1 game in the 7th with 2 outs and a fly ball is hit to LF. Damon kinda stops and loses the ball. It drops in front of him. We kind of fell apart after that.

Veras had his typical outing. Pitched an inning, gives up a homer, and walks a couple guys.

Teixeira will get things going eventually, but right now he's hurting us. He was up with a runner at 3rd and 1 out in a 1-1 game and couldn't get the run in. Overall, he was 0 for 3. He has 2 hits total in the last 8 games.