Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another terrible loss

The Yankees are brutal lately. Phil Coke has looked dreadful. As well as Teixeira. I wish I could pinpoint why they are so terrible. I hate to sit here and use injuries as an excuse as every team has their share of injuries. They just seem so lifeless. I know I bring up the Jays too much, but I while I see a team that also struggling with injuries, I see a team that also has heart. At this point tonight they are winning 7-0 to the Angels. My boy Roy is pitching tonight too!

The Yankees should be getting A-Rod back, but I don't think he is going to be an immediate savior, unless he can pitch in the bullpen. At least an addition of A-Rod will make our bench look a tad stronger.

I am tired, so my sentences are short and choppy. I have this dreadful project for my Master's due that I have no desire to write.

But anyhow, what do you guys think about the team?


Kyle said...

Bad loss. We're worse than the Mets and Tampa is only 1 game back of us.

A-Rod should help the offense, but we have a bigger issue with the pitching. The pen is bad, but it's even worse when the starting pitching can't go deep in the game.

I refuse to use injuries as an excuse. Beckett, Lester, Masterson, and Penny all have eras over 5. Dice-K and Smoltz are on the DL. Varitek and Ortiz have done nothing and Youk is currently hurt. Yet Boston is still 17-11.

I think this team is in trouble, but we have the talent to make a run. We'll see what happens. We play in a tough division and need a lot of help.

Toronto has had injuries like crazy and they've overcame far. Aaron Hill is the best 2B in baseball right now.

PS. Good luck on the project! Keep up the great job with this blog!

Bruno Von Rottweiler said...

I don't like the way the Yankees are constructed. I think that cash man has done bad job of bringing in young players/reloading. Here are the great areas of weakness: clutch hitting(their big problem last year), the bullpen is very uneven(great one day lousy another), and there are too many veteran(actually old!) players on this team! Unlike Boston, the Rays or even the Jays for that matter ,I don't see many Yankee youngings contributing in a big way compared to the other teams. Pena has been and Melky have been OK, BUT they seem to be playing above their heads.