Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am already tired of this Brett Farve nonsense. It's all over ESPN and reminds me of Roger Clemens.

On another note, the Yankees stink. I have one last project for school that I am procrastinating and I must finish. The blog will continue once my life returns tomorrow I hope.


Justin said...


Procrastion is not good. Finish your project so you can post again!

And I am tired of Favre too. He's such a primadonna. His legacy will be tainted.

Kyle said...

I've also had enough of Favre. I figured he'd come back and I guess he's going to the Vikings.

The Yankees sure do stink, but hey we don't have to play Boston for a while!

Good luck on the project! The semester is almost finished. Finish strong and then you can post more.