Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back from the country

Since Mother's Day is today, my Mom and I went to visit my Grandmother and the rest of my family out in Elmira, NY (actually Horseheads, but few, if any have actually heard of that town).
If you haven't heard of it, its basically located in the middle of nowhere. While there is no internet out there and I couldn't watch the Yankees game (which was probably a good thing from what I hear), it was nice to be able to forget about things and just sit outside to reflect on life.

Since I haven't been able to keep up with the real world, I don't have very much baseball to add. I heard Joba had some issues with his finger and a popped blood vessel, but I hear he is going to pitch today, despite this injury.

Big news though. I am heading to Toronto to see the Yankees play the Jays. I decided last night that I just need to get away and enjoy myself for a change. Baseball is something that makes me happy in life where I feel the most comfortable, so despite the cost and long travel, I am just going for it. I am thrilled to see Halladay and from what I project, I *think* and I hope, that Richmond will be pitching on Thursday. I would love to see the stuff he has in person.

For those of you that read and live in Toronto and go to Jays games, I have a question about the seating. While I have been to games at the Rogers Centre before, I never really have tried moving up before. Are the ushers very strict in letting people move up to closer sections? I really want to see Halladay pitch close up, but the prices of tickets have soared this year for some reason, and I notice they are more expensive when the Yankees are in town.

This trip is costing me a crap load of money, so I would rather not spend as much if I can try to just move closer. From what I can project, I cant assume they have going to have a packed crowd at the Rogers Centre. I could be wrong though.

Any other suggestions you guys might be have would be great.


Kyle said...

Have fun in Toronto!

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Yankees/Jays series are definitely on the heavy side when it comes to attendance.

I'm assuming that will be the case this week, especially on Tuesday. I'm thinking at least 30,000 to 35,000 bums in seats.

If your ticket is in the .500 section, it's going to be a bit difficult to move down to the 100 level. Honestly, it all depends on how packed the stadium is.

"Field level baseline" seats for this series are going for $42. Not cheap. Not crazy expensive. That would be right field, in the outfield (for reference point: section 113). If you grab those seats, it's not difficult (again, depending on capacity) to move closer to first base in the 100 level.

To be honest, in my humble opinion, value wise, seats in section 523 and 524A and 524B are great. They're in the upper deck, but behind home plate, so you have a fantastic view of the entire field, and the jumbotron. And they're only $12. If you call in and ask for seats in those sections, in rows 1, 2, or 3, it's great. I had a flex-pack in that area last season; def. no complaints. I know, we'd all like to be as close as possible to the great Roy Halladay, but, hey, the economy sucks. That's my two cents.

Enjoy the game. I'll be there on Tuesday, ready to boo A.J., he's the enemy now, and ready to boo A-Roid as well. Mainly because he's a douche.

Pop by the SteamWhistle brewery for some beer before, it's right across the street.

Sorry for the essay of a comment. If you've got any more questions, send me an email!


cd said...

I've heard more than a few stories about how strict the Dome has become with seat-moving and other fan behaviour (throwing stuff onto the field, heckling opposing players, etc). My own experience has been that some ushers are stricter than others. Some don't pay a lot of attention to fans coming and going, while some will check every ticket and note where you're sitting (regardless of how many empty seats there are in the section). My sense is you'll have a tough time sneaking down to the 100s. But I hope you manage to get down there.

About ticket prices, the Yankees and Red Sox are "premium" games...and I think interleague games may also qualify. Just means they have a different ticket price schedule.

I won't be booing AJ, though my feelings about him are mixed. He seemed like a quality guy, but the city and the team never meant anything to him. AJ didn't have a shred of loyalty to anyone but himself. At the same time, I don't think his performance with the Jays is worthy of a standing O.

Hope you have a great time at the game! The weather's been beautiful lately -- a little on the cold side, but beautiful. The Dome will almost certainly be closed...

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

are you serious; they are going to have the dome closed? thats a huge bummer. Its a completely different atmosphere IMO when it is closed. I am used to being in Toronto during the summer though so it is always generally open, unless it is raining.

eyebleaf- thanks for the suggestions. I may try to check out section 523 or 524A for one of the games. Id like to see Halladay close up so I wont mind paying 40 bucks or so for field level. It it 72 dollars for the seats closer but I have sat in 130A and it really isnt that bad of a section.