Thursday, July 23, 2009


Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game today against the Rays. Congrats to him as this is an amazing and difficult accomplishment that only 17 others (in the modern era) have been able to attain. We can now say Randy Johnson is no longer the last to throw a no-no. I cant imagine being there today; that's a once in a lifetime experience being able to see a perfect game live.

On a different note, is anyone else shocked to see how bad of a year Kazmir is having?


Bruno Von Rottweiller said...

Brandon Tierney was scoffing at the perfect game catch by Wise ...he's a dick BTW! Wise not only robbed a homer BUT he popped out of his glove, spun on the ground and held it in his gloveless hand while he spun on the floor...amazing. OBama gave props to Mark and it was funny because he mentioned him recently at the All Star game. All told, underated pitcher and a great catch..NICE!

Kyle said...

Congrats Mark Buehrle!

It's amazing how someone so consistent can still be so underrated. This is a guy that is well on his way to his 9th straight 200+ IP seasons. In fact, he's thrown 200 or more IP every full season he's played in.

He's 30 years old and has 133 wins and a 3.78 era for his career.

This year he's been really good. 11-3 with a 3.28 era. He doesn't K many guys, but he works fast and he's not afraid to pitch to contact.

I've been a fan of the guy for a while and I'm happy for him. Throwing a perfect game is extremely rare as less than 20 perfect games have been thrown in MLB history.

The Commish! said...

Yankees must trade Swisher for Wise immediately!!!

Just kidding!!

Bruno, I like BT but shouldn't have hated on Wise.

If George was still George, yanks would trade for Buehrle.

I feel bad for Kazmir. Great kid.

Bruno Van Rotweiller said...

@ Commish, BT and I have had our tussles on the air, he is a bit erratic AND he loves Swisher! Most of the intelligent Yankee fans I know realize why Oakland and Chicago traded him. Steve Sommers made a joke about the comedy Swisher provides in the outfield. SWish is a good clubhouse guy BUT is a mess on the base paths AND in the outfield.

See the problem with the Yanks now is that the Yanks have Hal instead of George. Hal runs it like a business even though the payroll is at an obscene level. NOw the Yankees have their partners in Yes, the debt servicing on the new Stadium, other investors they are beholden to. when they became that great team in the 90s( I go back to seeing thenm at the original Old Stadium BTW in the 1970s), Angelos in Baltimore was outspending the. BUT George was banned, so Stick and Watson made the personnel decisions. Look at what happened....that Yankees Dynasty. In my opinion as a fan of another team, is that the sooner the Yankees go back to build from within the better they will be. Anyway, Cashman is trying to change according to some BUT he spent almost half a billion dollars in the off season because of the holes on the team.

Yeah, if this was 1977 George would have wanted Mark Buerhle in a NYC minute! Too bad, he ain't available......yet!

Bruno Von Rottweiler said...

Correction: Angelos was outspending the Yankees BUT

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

That was an amazing catch indeed; i love how he nearly dropped it at the end and spun to the ground.

I agree about the problems that are arising with Hal and at times I even question the degree of competency that Cashman even has. I still am angry over him picking up Jaret Wright instead of keeping Jon Lieber. I know Liebs got hurt, but you never know if that would have happened had he stayed in the AL and wasnt required to bat. I mean they waited out his TJ surgery and he came back and did well for the Yankees and then dont even offer him a deal. They say they didnt wanna pay him the money but they ended up paying Wright just as much, if not more.

Anyhow, off that tangent, I have to say the one thing I am impressed with reguarding the Yankees is the large degree of work they are doing within the community. While George has always been known as being someone who gives to the community, it appears as if they are doing more for people and this HOPE week is the perfect example of one of the many things they have done.

Back to the farm system, while it is obvious the Yankees reached their peak in the 90's by sticking with their talent, you also have to reach a point where you dont start overvaluing the talent you have. A few years back (when the system wasnt as strong as it is now) they really overhyped Melky Cabrera and insisted that he wouldnt be traded. I recall a deal involving the trading of him for a starter. IMO if you can get a decent reliever for an average CF, DO IT. Obvious guys like Hughes and Joba and Montero are guys you dont wanna trade away, but with prospects, you never know how they will turn out. Just look at Eric Duncan.

Bruno Van Rottweiler said...

Why I laugh at Kay is because he is so ravenous for Halladay. Someone should tell the dope several things: A JP Ricciardi lives in Massachusetts DURING the baseball season B His kids are REd Sox fans as he is himself C he is very chummy with the RED Sox people. Trading the face of his franchise to the Yanks!? Really when the guy will not only get shit from Toronto fans BUT his homies in Mass. And much like the Santana trade, the Red Sox have the better prospects to give up.For the Jays to deal with the Yankees, he would have to absolutely fleece them. That means Joba, Hughes, Montero, Ajax, Brackman and Coke AND taking Wells contract. Kay claims that the Yanks are lating in the weeds! HAHAHAHA...he is so lost, it would be stupid to trade Hughes, Joba, Montero OR any of these young kids. Forget about the fact that they spent almost half a billion dollars(pure gluttony if you ask me), BUT they need the youth. When I hear Yankee fans respond so piggishly to the fact that they need Halladay it is very sad indeed. The Yanks need Hughes AND Joba now NOT in two or three years from now.

Bruno Von Rottweiller said...

Holliday to the Cards! Those poor Cubbies never get a break. Christina, I think your boy will shine even more in St Louie(sic) so to speak. BTW, the Yanks asked about Cliff Lee, the Indians wanted Joba or Hughes and the Yanks smartly said :" No Way"! I can hear the unschooled Yankees fans out there going nuts about this and the price for Doc, BUT these two kids are great. Why give them up and upset the balance? I do think that Boston has anedge if they want Doc or Lee. They have a gaggle of position prospects that they can dangle AND pitching,too.

The Commish! said...

Christina is now a Cards fan in addition to a Blue Jays fan.

I hope tonight is not Hallday's last start in Toronto. :(