Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good day for the Yanks

Good pitching and good hitting tonight leaves the Yanks with a nice W. Joba has been looking better as of late, which probably depresses the hell out of Mike Francesa. Between Joba doing well, the Mets creaming the Cardinals, and Arroyo being crushed by the Jays, there isn't much for him to complain about tomorrow.

Yankees: Huge night tonight from the slumping Yankee offense. A-Rod was actually able to perform in the clutch by driving in 2 runs with 2 outs. Swisher not only made a sweet play in RF but also hit his 13th homerun of the season against Bennett. It was cool to see Mariano come to the plate and the guys in the dugout seemed to be having fun giving him a hard time

Blue Jays: Vernon Wells had a great night tonight going 2/4 with a HR and 2 RBI's. He's still hitting only .252, but has been hitting pretty decent as of late going 13/34 with 2HR and 6RBI's. Hill, Wells, and Lind each hit a homerun in the first inning which gave Toronto the early lead and ultimately a nice win. It's insane how well they have been doing without their ace in the starting rotation. These young starters have really stepped it up and my boy Scott Richmond is now 6-4 for the season with an ERA of 3.68.
Heading out to Syracuse tomorrow to see the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees play the Syracuse Chiefs. I am insane for making this 4 hou
r trip (working 8 hours during the day then leaving right after for the game), but hopefully I will see Nady play and some decent baseball. I would also love to see Melancon get into a game. Anyone want any autographs? If so, shoot me an email.
Side note:
I just got an iTouch. Does anyone have any suggestions for apps I can get baseball related and even non-baseball?


Bruno Von Rottweiler said...

IT is strange how the Jays are still doing well without Doc. Credit goes out to coaches and grudgingly JP. They are still tied with the Yanks for the Wild Card, which is amazing at this point.

4 hour trip to see the Sky Chiefs? How much sleep are you getting? Anyway enjoy yourself over there.

Kyle said...

Have fun at the game!