Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long day for some Yankee fans....

After a 5.5 hour rain delay, the Yankees finally were able to play ball. Can you imagine paying 1,250 dollars for a ticket to this game? These are the exact reasons as to why you can not value a baseball game at these atrocious prices. I guarantee you that very few people who bought those tickets (those that can afford to spend over 1,000 dollars on a ticket) actually stayed for the entire game. At least the Yankees let the fans move down to a lower section at the beginning of the game.

Would you guys have stayed for the game? Or hightailed it out there to the nearest bar? I probably would have stayed, as it would have been a waste of gas to travel 3 hours to a game only to leave before it started. It certainly would have made for an extremely long day though, especially having to do the long travel home.

Major League Baseball really struck out there though. I mean, a near 6 hour rain delay.. seriously?

Side note: That play Gardner made in centerfield was just painful to watch. His head slamming against the plexi glass makes my head hurt. It appears as if he is OK though which is good.


Kyle said...

Not a good game at all. At least Gardner seems to be ok.

Joba was not impressive at all. He gave up a bunch of hits and walked a few guys. That said, the offense is the reason we lost.

It is amazing how the Yankees can make these pitchers they have not seen look so good.

Also, I am somewhat concerned with A-Rod. I worry that he might be more hurt then he is letting on. I know that he still needs another surgery due to the fact that he did not have the full comprehensive surgery back in March.

The Yankees will look like fools if A-Rod is playing hurt and at a lower level the rest of the season... or if A-Rod ends up needing that surgery before the season ends.

They could have just let A-Rod got the full surgery in March and got him at 100% in July. Of course, if our trainers knew what they were doing they would have detected this injury last August. When A-Rod actually got hurt and got him the surgery. Then he would have been back in time for April.

The Commish! said...

Seems the Yankees really took the Nationals lightly while the Nationals played hard in all the games.

Sick catch by Gardner. He's very lucky he's ok.

I would have probably stayed but if I was with my dad we probably would have left and went to Arthur Avenue for lunch/dinner. I would have been upset that we paid all this money to have it go to waste although you can use the ticket to get a free ticket to another game.

No blame for the Yankees in this since it's MLB who makes the call. MLB is ridiculous!