Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stupid Yankees

I should be at the Yankees game today, grrrrrrrr.......... That is all. Thank you Lonn Trost and Randy Levine. Two of the biggest jerk-offs in the world of sports.


The Commish! said...

Relax Christina!!!!


Bruno Von Rottweiler said...

You mean the Law Firm of Trost and Levine? The organization will become better when Cashman, Trost AND Levine leave. Cashman because his results are mediocre given his enormous spending on both payroll and drafting. Levine and Trost only care about the Benjamins. They were selling obstructed seats at full price TIL they were shamed on NYC talk radio! Now a ticket can be had for 5 bucks to their credit, BUT they needed to be prodded to do that.

Christina, you always have the YES network. And even though I'm a Jays fan, I appreciate the contributions from former Jays/Yankees like Cone and Leiter. My favorite is Ken Singleton, who was never a Yankee and tells it like it is bigtime. Ken doesn't call a great game BUT his analysis is spot on. BTW, I like Kim Jones, too...for obvious reasons of course!

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Thats true Bruno. But it isnt the same than being able to watch a game on TV.

Cone and Leiter bring alot of knowledge about pitching which is great. Plus at time their tangents about things that dont relate to baseball are quite comical.

Ken can be boring at times but his knowledge too is vast and he says it how it is. As for Kim, my reasons arent the same as yours, but shes good at what she does.

Kyle said...

I like watching YES, but I will say that SNY might just have the best broadcasters in baseball. They are certainly up there. The Mets organization does a lot of things wrong, but their play by play people is the one thing they do right.

While the Braves and White Sox might have the worst.

I like Leiter and Cone. I don't like how YES has a player of the game before the game is over. Especially when it is a close game in the 8th or 9th.

As for the Trost and Levine stuff. Yeah, I can't stand them. This team ought to have baseball people running the team. Not just people that had connections to either the Steinbrenners or NYC politicians and stuff like that.

Trost was brought in for the new stadium while Levine was brought in for the YES network. It helped that he had political connections.

Bruno Von Rottweiler said...

@ Kyle, I like Cohen better on the radio than on TV, but he's still good. Keith and Ronny do a great job at analyzing things. They are very unhomerish and I appreciate that. Hawk Harrelson? He stinks! I like the White Sox, was happy they won the World Series over the Cubbies(who get all the attention and frankly deserve almost none!)but Hawk is too much. He makes JOhn Sterling sound objective! And that is hard to do. He calls the White Sox...the Good guys!??!! unh? And refers to the team as we