Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Yankees are a mess

  • Posada--- injured
  • Mariano--- injured??
  • Molina---- injured
  • Wang----- injured
  • Teixeria---stinks
  • Bruney----injured
  • Marte---- injured
  • Nady----- injured
  • bullpen----stinks
  1. I can't wait to see the catching situation for tomorrow. Should be great now that Molina is hurt and Girardi stated that he will be out for definite tomorrow. This team needs to learn how to develop young guys. They knew Jorge wasn't getting any younger, didn't they??? Perhaps they were too busy building that sham of a stadium to worry about the important things.
  2. Lets hope Mariano isn't hurt or this team is going to look even worse than they already do look. The bullpen is atrocious and the team has very little degree of situational hitting. They are terrible with RISP.
  3. The last thing we need is A-Rod trying to do too much. It all eventually has to come together.


Bruno Von Rottweiller said...

Christina, my major ciriticism of the Yankees started to happen 6 years ago. My complaint was that Cashman didn't have an heir apparent for Mariano or Posada who were reaching their early 30s. He kept that core for too long IMO.Yes, Mo has been effective BUT he will break down eventually and is that time now? Cashman also drafted heavily on the pitching side,which has been a mistake as well. Where are the position players like the ones the Red Sox have? I really don't know what effect arod will have in the short term because of the injuries but long term he will be an offensive force. BUT without Posada(the real captain behind the scenes), things will be different. I already hear chumps on the radio blaming Girardi. Look , he's not the greatest manager BUT he ain't the worst either. The bullpen Cashman gave him is not terribly good and the team as a whole has underachieved. And of course, their problem last year is the same as this year:RISP. I don't know what changes BUT things look bleak right now.........

Kyle said...

I agree that the Yankees are a mess.

I'm not worried about Rivera. It's funny though how the view of him has changed in 24 hours by the media and some of the fans. Yesterday, a lot of fans asked why didn't Mo pitch the 10th. After all, he struck out the side in the 9th and had a 2.51 era on the year.

Tonight, he gave up back to back homers (for the 1st time in his career) and now there's concern. He has tough stretches each year and he'll be fine. If he's healthy he'll be ok.

I think the biggest problem is with the upper management and the front office...but the coaches and the manager will take the hit if things don't get fixed.

The trend around baseball has been to get younger. The Yankees are one of the last to catch on. To make matters worse, we have lousy scouts and don't draft well. Thus, we're forced to overpay for free agents and give them extra years. The injuries are upsetting, but not shocking. Old guys break down.

We have a real problem with the catcher. We have a big time problem with the pitching. Yes, the bullpen is bad, but ultimately we need better starting pitching. Everything else should fall in place if they can correct themselves.

Bruno Von rottweiler said...

I am also annoyed with the YES people acting like Joba pitched a perfect game the other day. Joba gave up 4 runs in the first! What the eff is Kay talking about? They lost a game to the Red Sox and Kay and Co are talking about Joba's amazing pitching performance???!?!?!?UNH? Beckett pitched better in the end BECAUSE he gave up less runs in order for his team to win. I love Singleton and Cone and sometimes Kay BUT that was unbearabley awful.....

Fernando Alejandro said...

I was going to defend the Yankees drafting over the years but come to think of it, only one drafted player has had any lasting impact at the major league level and thats Joba Chamberlain. Admittedly, we've had low picks since we don't suck as much as the Marlins, but even then we've botched our signings. However, the international signings have been clutch. That's how we got Cano and Wang, and don't think Wang is done either. He'll be back soon enough.