Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday around Baseball

Some things to note about some of yesterdays games:

  • The Toronto Blue Jays finally snapped a 9 game skid in which they defeated Boston 6-3. They are back home again at the Rogers Centre which appears to be their comfort zone as they are 17-6 at home and 11-17 on the road. Casey Janssen is making his way this year as a starting pitcher (after missing this season and all of 2008 due to a torn labrum that required surgery) and pitched 7 good innings, giving up 3 runs on 11 hits. The bullpen was strong and Scott Downs received his 6th save of the season.
  • Isn't it interesting how Boston, yet again, misses the great Roy Halladay. Brian Tallet goes today for the Jays against Brad Penny.
  • Andy Pettitte had a tough outing in which he was pulled after the 5th due to stiffness in his back. While this injury doesn't appear to be series enough to cause him to miss a start, this is the very reason why it is important to have Joba as a starter. If a guy in their rotation is hurt, they still have Hughes down in the minor to replace an injured guy without having to look elsewhere (whether it be within their own system or trading for a player).
  • The tricky situation will come when the Yankees decide to bring Wang back into the starting rotation. Do you keep Hughes up and put him or Joba in the pen or do you send him back to AAA. I say 100% no to Hughes in the bullpen, that is the dumbest thing they could possibly do as he will not reach his innings and it will set him back for next year.
  • C.J Wilson of the Rangers had a great day yesterday. In their double header against the A's, Wilson came up with a win in the first game, after Texas was able to score 3 runs in the 8th inning to give them the lead. In the second game, he recorded a save which brought him up to 4 for the year. Does anyone know if he is throwing the Gyro ball yet?
  • Mets won in 11 innings yesterday. That Omir Santos has turned out to be a decent player for them so far this year. It is amazing to see how big of a contributor Sheffield has been to the team as well. It is turning out to be a steal so far for the team.
  • Matt Wieters made his debut for the Orioles tonight going 0-4 with a strikeout. He is supposed to be the next big thing for the Orioles organization which is something they need as they have been brutal to watch on television.


Kyle said...

Great post. A lot of great things in baseball on Friday.

I was glad that the Jays finally won again. Perfect timing against Boston. It's amazing how Boston catches Toronto two series this year and doesn't face Halladay. We seem to face him every series we see Toronto.

Great job for the Yankees as they are in 1st place!

I agree with you on Hughes. You have to let him start. Putting him to the bullpen wouldn't be a great idea. I'm not sure if he stays in the majors or is sent back down. It probably depends on how he pitches.

I think eventually Wang deserves another chance. He had 95 starts and over 625 IP before this season. 3 starts shouldn't erase that. Especially when we've later found out that it was the ineptness of our training staff that mishandled Wang. Plus, the last time the Yankees made a pitching decision based on 3 starts... Ian Kennedy.

I don't see them sending down Joba. I think they want to find out what they have with him as a starter. Late in the year they will probably put him in the pen due to the innings limit.

Santos has been good for the Mets. K-Rod is a big upgrade for them. 13 for 13 in save opportunities with an era of 0.76. The Mets haven't had a shut down closer like that in quite some time.

Both the Mets and the Yankees are in 1st place. Phillies and Red Sox both have lousy starting rotations, but they're good teams that will probably both make the playoffs somehow.

The O's seem to have a lot of good young hitters, but their problem is pitching. It seems to have been like this forever.

Bruno Von Rottweiler said...

Wieters is a hyped prospect like Snider Hughes etc al. I'll believe it when I see it.

The Jays looked good yesterday and today. They are playing like a good team again. This Jekyll and Hyde routine is annoying BUT hey crushing the Red Sox is a big deal to Jays fans. Yes, they don't like the Yankees BUT the Red Sox have a different type of hatred reserved for them. It's strange that the Yanks couldn't beat the Red Sox in 5 games, yet the Mets beat then 2 out of 3 and the Jays took 2 out of 5. Food for thought, in a matchup are the Red Sox better head to head than the Yankees? So far , BUT this is a crazy sport and one never knows.

The Rangers are a fascinating story to me. They can hit BUT now they are starting to pitch. As much as I admire Mike Scioscia and the Angels, it would be great to see Ron Washington and the Texas Rangers get somewhere this year.

About Joba, Hughes, WAng and Co....Hughes is still not a given. I can't forget the failed hughes /Kennedy experiment of last year. He has looked good at times BUT does he deserve to be on a team that has spent 200 mill and can't take risks? With Wang, I like the kid a lot BUT he was a head case. Hopefully he's resolved his issues and that is that. Joba? Mike Francesa keeps on spitting out crap about Joba over and over again.Remember when Mike and Dog wanted Piazza at well did that work out? JOba could be the next Halladay or Santana so do you keep him in the pen OR let him do what he is doing. Quite frankly, Joba should stay in the SP.I trust him in that position more than Hughes right now. Also what happened to Hughes' glasses from last year? Was that a BS story?