Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tuesday, May 12th: Burnett vs. Halladay

I know this is a few days too late, but I didn't have a computer on me at the time and its been crazy lately. Anyhow, here are some notes and pictures from Tuesday's game in Toronto.

Here are some pictures that were taken before the game during batting practice.
  • First of all, a huge crowd was on hand for this game. It was probably one of the largest crowds that the Jays have had since opening day. There were 6 sections upon in the tiers up until the 3rd inning and after that point they were packed and pretty much sold out.
  • The fans in Toronto were pretty brutal. I heard of people throwing stuff from the bullpen and throwing bottles and things at each other in the stands. That is what the hate for AJ will do and when people start drinking alcohol.
  • Above is a picture of Girardi as he is walking out to the mound to take AJ out. He was serenaded with loud cheers (i mean very loud boos).
  • Aaron Hill and Adam Linbd are off to an amazing start. Rios has been getting hot and Vernon is doing pretty decent also.
  • Johnny Damon and Vernon Wells before the game during batting practice.
  • The crowd was insane. They were after AJ Burnett on every pitch (AJ Sucks) and A-Rod too (chanting A-Roid and steroids).
  • Overall, it was a great game, despite the Yankees losing. I love Roy Halladay and he was absolutely dominating. It seems Johnny was one of the few who can actually hit Roy and everyone else was basically left looking clueless.
  • Seats were amazing; 4 rows behind the Yankee dugout. Never sat in these seats before and so close. Was fun to see the guys come back into the dugout after striking out and whatnot. The fans were getting on them good.
  • Pictures of Wednesday and Thursday's games will go up soon! Along with some cool shots from BP up in my hotel room!


Bruno Van Rottweiler said...

Christina, Al Leiter mentioned that the Jays fans used to be so polite in his day with the Jays. Things have changed since, the Red Sox and Yankees have become dominant teams and the Rays now too. They are pissed off at AJ because he opted out and went for the money. He deserved the unwelcome wlecome he got. People are pissed off that the Yankees spend like drunken sailors (200 mill this year)and take their players like AJ. I share their frustrations to a degree BUT I also see that a lot of frontrunners have hit the Bronx.

It is less the diehard and more of the fashionable fan showing up at the Palace(New Yankee Stadium). There is less of a edge and hostility in the new Yankee Stadium. That in my opinion is a sad thing, the Yanks have always had that advantage BUT has lessened a bit.

Kyle said...

Great post! Nice pictures.

The crowd did not like AJ at all. Then again he turned down 2 years 24 million. He opted out. I'm sure the same would happen to CC if he leaves after 3 years and goes to another AL east team.

The Commish! said...


Sounds like a great time! Also, glad you can afford seats 4 rows behind the dugout since those are very expensive!

Great pictures!

Any fans that throw something should be banned for life from the stadium and all MLB stadiums. They are lucky a 10 year old is not blind from being hit in the eye by one their bottles. I have no respect for idiots at MLB games!

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Bruno: It was funny because during the game on Thursday I was sitting next to 2 Jays fan and I was telling them that I was a fan of Leiter. They responded by saying "don't mention that name around us. Jays fans are not fond of Leiter after what he did here." I didnt realize that there wasn't love for big Al in his city of Toronto!

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Kyle: You're right. I dont blame Jays fans. But you know what, Toronto should have never put that clause in his contract. It's the same nonsense A-Rod pulled

The Commish: Jays fans are wild after drinking too much. Look at all their opening day games; they get into a crap load of trouble which is why alcohol was like banned for a few of their home games this year!

Bruno Van Rottweiler said...

Christina, that is so ironic...about Leiter that is. he always speaks fondly of the Jays AND of Cito when Kay slags on Cito.Then again I don't think that everyone up in TC hates 'im. But just remember that you were better off mentioning Al than AJ!According to what I understand, AJ wouldn't go anywhere UNLESS he got the opt out clause. Quite frankly, CC will opt out too barring any injury.And Arod's opt out? They thought they wrere getting the natural home run king. Cashman tried to keep his 16 million salary(part of the original 25 mill per year was being paid by Texas) at the last three years and add 7 more years...that made sense. BUT this contract for Arod? 8 more years of him at such an exorbitant price? It will be interesting to see what he becomes in 5 years....

And on Opening Day ,there was a credible claim that the Tigers' fans caused the trouble this year BUT Jays fans got rowdy and drunk anyway!

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Bruno- I think the teams are crazy for putting in these opt-out deals. You cant blame anyone when the player actually goes for it when it was specifically added in the contract. The A-Rod opt-out was the biggest joke and the Yankees did something extremely stupid in chasing after him. In the end, A-Rod made out well, getting even more money and too many years.

If you say so. I loe Jays fans though so I will blame the Tigers fans with you. They were grea tto me this past week!