Monday, May 18, 2009

Wednesday, May 13th Pettitte vs. Richmond

(view from my hotel room)
Before I post pictures from last Wednesdays game, I think it is important to mention today's game from the Rogers Centre. While Richmond struggled last week against the Yankees, is appears from the box sore that he showed dominance against the Chicago White Sox. He pitched 7 scoreless inning, giving up only 5 hits and striking out seven. While he didn't receive a win due to Carlson blowing the save, it still was a good outing from Richmond and a nice bounce back from his previous one.

Can I assume fellow Canadians that watched the game that his curveball was working quite well? The analysis I made from the outing against the Yankees was that he just didn't really have that curveball working very much and it really hurt him.
Anyhow, here are some pictures and also some events that happened during the game I was at in Toronto on Wednesday.
  • The first inning was trivial for both starters. Andy Pettitte labored and Richmond struggled a little after striking out the first two batters.
  • Richmond struggled in the second and was taken out after only 1 and 2/3 inning. I was disappointed that he wasn't able to go deep as I was looking forward to seeing the stuff that he had. He lacked a good curveball from what I could while in the stands.
Batting practice was great. Andrew was screaming at the players and they all seem to know him by name, especially Damon and AJ Burnett. (Below: Reporters were interviewing A.J. before batting practice began . The perks of being able to see the field from my hotel)
  • Alex Rios is starting to heat up. I told you to give him time to heat up. Plus, its not as if he was hitting nearly as bad as Mark Teixiera was (and even he is heating up as of late).
  • The guys dressed up behind home plate as umpires were hilarious. I mentioned them in this previous post, and I was surprised to see them doing their thing at another game. I guess if you are going to pay 210 dollars for those seats, you might as well make yourself know (if you sit 2 rows back, the price is over 100 dollars cheaper).
  • Another thing to note: At around 6pm during batting practice, this annoying high-pitched alarm went off. Apparently some type of alarm went off in the hotel. This announce of beeping and some automated lady screeching lasted for a majority of batting practice. It was comical and annoying to say the least. If you watched the batting practice show on the YES Network you can hear the insanity of it.
  • The dome was closed for a second straight night which I heard was due to it being broken. Luckily on Thursday, I woke up to see the sun from my hotel room as the dome was wide open!


Kyle said...

Great post! Awesome pics!

Glad to hear that you had a good time. That was a great game for the Yankees.

Toronto has responded fine from that series loss. They followed it with a 4 game sweep of the White Sox.

Hopefully that game last Wednesday was the start of a great run for the Yankees.

Bruno Van Rottweiler said...

Funny about Pettite, george wanted to trade him in 99 to the reds or the Phillies and he was stooped by Cash Man and other people. One stupid thing the Yanks did was to let him go to the Astros. I remember talking to peop-le in boston and how they jubilated and remarked at the stupidity of that move. Then Cashman came out with this spin regarding Andy wanting to go BS! Pettitte belongs with the Yanks pure and simple!If he goes down and another Yankee pitcher goes down, the Yanks become a lesser team. Lesser meaning a non playoff team. Why? This year the Yanks decided to go the pitching route in terms of their strength...if that falers, this year becomes a replay of last year. I quite frankly don't think much of hughes and some of the other arms that the Yanks have below in the minors. Cashman has been terrible at evaluating pitching and this is a weak point of theirs. Hopefully for them, the current crop stays healthy AND Wang can come on board 100% THEN they will be much more than OK.....

The Commish! said...

Great, great pics Christina!