Saturday, April 11, 2009

Want to see a game with a group of friends, there are still tickets available!

Given it is the opening year of the new Yankee Stadium, I figured tickets were going to be pretty hard to come by. I was going to try to get together a group of 10 or so friends to go down to the stadium, but I know how tough it can be to get so many seats together, especially given the fact the Yankees are so popular. I found a game during the week in June that I thought would be easier for us to all attend, and I was quite amazed by the results of the search.

Its hard to see, but for 2,625 a ticket, I can get all of my friends together for a game. Now, those tickets don't include the 59.70 convenience charge for EACH ticket along with the 2.50 to print each at home or the up to 22.50 to have it shipped to you. So in adding all that up, it would cost a total of 27,072 for the 10 of us to see the game. Of course, this wouldn't include the tolls, gas and parking that we would also be paying.

I was surprised that they had so many seats together and that those tickets were for sale to the general public. I thought the legends suits were sold to full season ticket holders. It looks like there are going to be a lot of empty seats this year in the lower level.

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