Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday Night Baseball

  • BJ Ryan is back on the DL again, along with JC Romero. I am shocked that Toronto is 12-5. Their starting pitching is so injured along with their bullpen now. Even though the season is young, it really does amaze me how well they are doing.
  • Scott Richmond, the starter for Toronto today, had a freaking sick curveball. I love watching a guy when his stuff is really working and he gets people swinging at balls in the dirt.
  • Wang did decent today but it appears as if he is going to try to figure his stuff out in AAA. Hopefully he can work on whatever he needs to work on
  • The Mets are terrible and have lost 4 straight. I was watching the game today and they look horrendous. It's like Johan Santana is the only guy awake on the team. The Cards made some great defensive plays today too which were pretty sweet.
  • It's interesting to also note that on a Thursday day game, the Cards were able to sell out a majority of their luxury box seats behind home plate. Hmmm Yankees?
  • Pujols is on fire. He has 6 hrs and 21 rbis so far in this young season.

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Kyle said...

Great job as always with the post.

I'm not sure how long the Jays can sustain this, but it has been impressive so far.

The Mets are dreadful right now. Santana pitches against the Nats, but the Mets have scored a grand total of 5 runs in his 3 starts. So basically he has to be nearly perfect to have a chance.

What really impresses me with Pujols is his plate discipline. This is a guy that is hitting .345 with 6 hrs, 21 rbis, and 13 walks. Yet, he's only K'd 4 times this season. He's a guy that hasn't K'd 60 times in a season since 2005 and only K'd 70 or more times his rookie season (93 that year)