Sunday, April 19, 2009

Looking foward to tomorrow

The A's come into town tomorrow and will be invading the Bronx. Not only am I excited to see the return of the Giambino, but my main man Matt Holliday is finally in the American League and I will finally be able to see him in action. Hopefully he can prove me right and continue to put up the same numbers he was able to put up while in the higher altitude of Colorado at Coors Field.

In addition, the Loquacious Lefty himself will be making his debut on the YES Network tomorrow which is very exciting. A lot of people seemed to think Leiter left YES, but it appears they have just lessened the number of games he will be calling this year. I know that leaves many Yankee fans and members of the media very upset.

Lets hope for a good game tomorrow. I guess the weather doesn't look so promising but lets cross our fingers they can get a game in as it is the only night I have this week that isn't being occupied by teaching the darling children and going to grad school.


Anonymous said...


I actually prefer Ken Singleton as the best analyst on YES. I think YES has too many analysts. I read Jim Kaat inquired about returing to YES but was told they already had their roster of 3,500 analysts set. BTW, did you hear David Wells is going to be an analyst for TBS?

Kaat will be calling games for MLB Network this year.

I do enjoy Leiter and Kay's banter. I think O'Neill is the best making fun of Kay though.

I hope Matt Holliday goes oh-fer vs. the Yankees. Then he can crush the baseball and your crush on him can continue.


I love Christina said...

If you love Matt Holliday and AlLeiter, what chance do we normal guys have?

Your #1 fan said...

Should be a good game... weather permitting. I'm glad Leiter will be back.

This ballpark is like a hitter's heaven for a guy like Giambi.

A's have the lowest scoring offense in the AL. Should be a good team for the Yankees to play, but we saw what the last place Indians did to us.

P.S. I hope Holliday saves his hits for late in the game when the Yankees have a big lead. He can save the clutch hits for all other opponents.