Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Interesting baseball notes....

  • We see everyone complaining about the lack of attendance at Yankee Stadium, but can you imagine the sight of under 7,000 at the Marlins/Pirates game on Monday night. The game was delayed due to rain and by the time play resumed, only a few thousand people were left in the stadium. During the final few innings, only a couple dozen fans could be seen in the stands... I cant even imagine that.
  • My boy Roy Halladay finally received his first loss of the season. It had to happen one of these days
  • Cliff Lee is off to a terrible start. Was last year a fluke?
  • I think Matt Holliday would look amazing in pinstripes.
  • Leiter mentioned his brief stint at Double-A Albany during the telecast on YES. I know myself and my friend were glowing when hearing this. Him and Bob Geren were on the team in 1987.
  • Nice walk-off by the Melkman tonight. While I say that, and congratulate him I am by no means hopping on the Melky bandwagon. I still think hes terrible and I don't want him our starting CF. I'd rather stick with Brett Gardner.
  • Toronto is off to a hot start. While I am shocked by this, I do not think they will be able to keep it up. Their starting pitching is too young and the back of their pen scares me. Hopefully BJ Ryan can figure his stuff out.

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Kyle said...

Interesting notes. Halladay losing must be a result of him being on my fantasy team.

It's hard to tell if Lee is a fluke or not. I'd say he's not a CY Young type pitcher, but he won't become garbage like Willis. Last year was his best year, but Lee was good in 05 and 06 also.

Holliday's dad is a Yankee fan. Nady, Damon, and Matsui all have expiring contracts after 2009. Holliday is younger, he actually play the OF, and he doesn't need to DH or have days off all the time.

I'd caution anyone with getting too excited over Melky. He did this last year too. He had 5 homers last April with a .299 avg and a .370 OBP.

I agree with Toronto. The Royals, Marlins, Mariners, and Jays are all in 1st. I like the Marlins team the best of those 4. No one stands out in the NL east. Mets or the Phillies could have used Lowe and Manny would have been perfect for the Mets.