Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Baseball Stuff

Since I had night class, I wasn't able to catch the whole game, so all I can really gather is that the Yankees had a very exciting inning during the 7th and that the rest of the game appeared to be very quiet on both sides.

Some other things to add:
  • Posada has a pulled hamstring. While I hope it is nothing serious, I am glad to see that was the reason for running ridiculously slow to first Monday night. I was not thrilled to see Posada's lackadaisical playing, especially when the Yankees had already been looking like they were asleep for the entire game.
  • Looks like Phil had a great game. I am looking forward to watching the encore to see how him and Melancon pitched. From the score, I take it I will be pleased with the results.
  • The Joba in the bullpen debate has erupted again. Ay yi yi....
  • Gary Sheffield had a triple. What?? I can't wait to see that replay. Mets still lost. They look terrible and their starting rotation is brutal (with the exception of Santana).
  • King Felix pitched another stellar game, improving his record to 4-0.
  • Blue Jays win again! Yay! Richmond looked good yet again and is now 3-0 on the season. Its insane how well some of their offensive players are doing. Hill is hitting .371 (5HR and 20 RBI) and Lind is at .314. I hope Alex Rios starts to heat up soon. He is hitting a mere .237 but will heat up soon as the weather starts to improve.
  • Tomorrow should be a good game as Greinke goes for his 5th win of the season.
  • Boston lost in the 9th inning against Cleveland. It is about time they lose.
  • The Nationals are terrible. No need to really say much more. They need to start putting money towards that team before they hit the garbage.
  • The Phillies are hot and have won 5 straight. I really like the crafty lefty Jamie Moyer, who is like 50 years old and still pitching strong, despite the fact his fastball is probably like 85mph. However, while his record is 3-1, his ERA is at a hefty 5.09. Ouch. It looks like hes been blessed by a strong Phillies offense for the games he has started.

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Kyle said...

Hopefully Posada is ok. Although, I have to say, I've noticed a difference when Molina catches, but we definitely need Posada's bat.

Hughes looked great today. He was cruising through 6.

The Mets have Santana on Wednesday but it's vs Josh Johnson. The same guy that pitched the game Santana lost due to the great Murphy dropping a routine pop up.

King Felix is awesome and what often is overlooked is that he is less than 3 months older than Phil Hughes. Yet, he's already thrown over 190 IP each of the past 3 seasons.

Jays have been good, but Greinke has a 0.00 era. He's overcame his mental problems that he had in the past it seems.

Nats just wish they were still playing at Citi Field. They are 1-10 on the road. The one win vs the Mets.

The Phillies have awful pitching and Lidge hasn't been good, but they keep on winning. That team never quits and they always seem to come back.