Thursday, October 29, 2009

Game 1 of the World Series: Yankees vs Phillies

There were metal detectors in place for all over the lower level sections. They also were frisking people to make sure they didnt have any weapons or whatever else one might hide in their coat.

Guess whooo!

Wade Boggs was at the game!

Look, it's Bernie!!!! At least he showed up this time. They showed a montage of him at game 6 of the ALCS, and when they zoomed in on his luxury suite, it was empty and Bernie was nowhere in sight.

Everyone started to leave. I dont understand how you c spend so much money and leave the game early


Kyle said...

Awesome pics! I'm glad I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the World Series. We lost, but it was still quite the experience to be there.

The Commish! said...

Great pics Christina. Wish you would have invited me. :(

Rachel said...


How did you guys snag such cool seats?

Do tell.

I'd like to try for seats for game six.

On The Fence Sports said...

Living large with World Series seats.

On The Fence Sports

Kyle said...


I'm just fortunate to have an amazing friend in Christina. We were lucky to have good seats.

Unlike the seats I got her and I for ALCS game 6... these ones were not blocked by some camera guy. They were great seats.

Rob A from BBD said...

Nice pictures. I like the Win it for the Boss one.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

my loser of a brother bailed on me so I had a free seat. Was a shame seeing it go to waste.

Bruno van Rottweiller said...

Xristina you netioned the losers leaving early? all the frontrunners exciting the pasrk early...shameful. at the least with the Phillies fans ...they went apeshit last night in spite of losing. It's sad how the Yankees have become so corporate. I remember a time when people were allowed to storm on the field when the Yankees won.