Friday, August 14, 2009

Training Camp in Albany

Went to Giants camp yesterday morning to see the guys practice. It wasn't very eventful but I have to admit I am starting to like the game of football (however it will never come close to the passion I have for baseball). I was even lucky to get a couple of autographs while down there, including Steve Smith (who I see every year helping out at the center for disabled telethon, good guy), Shaun O'hara, and Chris Snee. Are these good players? I have heard the names but I really am clueless when it comes to the Giants.
I also went down to see Mike Francesa as he was interviewing the players for his show on the YES Network. Most of the interviews for the show are prerecorded and taped in the morning as they can't really do much while the players are getting ready to take the field for practice. After taping the Manning and Coughlin segment, he came over for a few to talk to the people that were hanging out in the crowd. I was able to ask him a few questions pertaining to the Yankees and also other teams around baseball. Here is part of what I asked him:
  • The first thing I brought up to him was about this strange obsession he seems to have with Bronson Arroyo. He said he still wants to see him as a Yankee as he is a great pitcher and always has the Yankees number. When I questioned Arroyo's ERA, Mike responded by saying "You can't look at his ERA. He has had a few games where he loses his head and gave up like 10 ER's. It has the ERA all skewed. Taking away those 3 or so bad games, his ERA is 3.97. Plus, look how good he has done this year against the Mets." I responded with yes Mike, and who hasn't done well against the Mets this year? A guy with an ERA (sure add in the 3.97 if you want like he said) still is going to have an inflated ERA in the AL. His response again was that Arroyo had the Yankees number when he was on the Red Sox. I know at times when something isn't worth the fight, and I just dropped the subject after that. Plus, he pretty much summed it up at the end by saying as much as he wants the guy, the Yankees wont make the deal because he is making 9 million dollars in 2010.

  • He wasn't impressed with Pedros first start as a Philly. Doesn't seem him as a factor at all in helping them during the playoffs.

  • When asked about the Yankees failing to make the playoffs and win the World Series, some guy in the crowd said it was Torre's fault. Mike replied by saying, "you know whos fault this is, I'll tell you. It's Brian Cashman's fault. He has done a terrible job with the pitching staff over the past 7 years. Just look at the bums he brought in: Kevin Brown, Jaret Wright, Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano, and the list goes on." I did make mention to him that you can't use the Pavano deal against Cash as everyone was going after Carl when he was a free agent. Who knew he was going to be a major bum who would take himself out with random ailments to the shoulder and butt.

  • He think Minaya will be gone next year. He said he really like Omar and he would be disappointed to see him go, but that he cant see the Mets keeping him after this year.

  • It wouldn't be a Mike conversation without him bringing up Joba. To sum it up, he pretty much is tired of the Joba nonsense. He said what they are doing isn't really much. He is losing 2-3 starts max.

  • Very impressed with Pettitte and Hughes. Doesn't like Mitre. Pretty common and obvious stuff.


Anonymous said...

Steve Smith- good possesion receiver, going to be a vital part of the giants this year.

O'Hara and Snee- both Pro Bowlers so yes... all good players.

Kyle said...

That's awesome that you met those players.

O'Hara is from rutgers and he's a good player. Snee is a good player and he's married to the coach's daughter. Steve Smith is a decent Wide Receiver.

Great pics from training camp.

Interesting conversation with Francesa. His obsession with Arroyo is funny, but I guess he's consistent.

I agree with him on Cashman. Cashman has made a ton of bad moves over the years and has not really shown much skill at his job besides being able to outbid other teams for players. Eventually if you get enough players, some are bound to do well.

The Commish! said...

Very cool you went to Giants camp Christina. You should auction the signed hat off and use the proceeds to pay for grad school.

Did you get Mike's autograph? That is so cool you got to talk to him.

Bruno Van rottweiller said...

I never understood the pro-Cashman contingent...ever! He has the most money and brings in some crappy pitchers. I brought up trading Lilly for Weaver! Why trade a guy who could pitch in NY(which is difficult) for a guy who was pitching for a dog team? Dumb trade. And Mike liked that effing trade!

Arroyo was intrguing back in 2004, BUT now? He wanted 3 games taking away from his record. NO Mike, no way.He would be bombed as a Yankee in 2009.

Cash man? Give him 200 mill PLUS God knows how much for drafting andhe has it over every other GM. Not a very good one either......

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Bruno- Id make a great GM. If the Yankees gave me all that money, I tell you I wouldnt have signed Jaret Wright or Randy Johnson. I could have built a team that won 4 more world series championships!