Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some good news after a terrible tragedy

I read a great story today online that I wanted to share. I don't have time to really elaborate much, as I am way behind on this 15 page paper, but here is the link. It is about the young man who survived the crash that killed Angels Nick Adenhart. This individual essentially was internally decapitated and beat the odds of survival. He is now walking and is a true miracle. Never take your life for granted because you never know what can happen. Hopefully they can spark some action with MLB to start a MADD campaign. Drinking and driving is such a terrible thing and nothing good ever comes out of it.


The Commish! said...

First off, good luck on the paper.

Second, thank you for sharing. I probably wouldn't have found that article if you didn't link to it.

It is really is an amazing story. God Bless that young man who survived.

I remember a few years ago when Josh Hancock drove drunk and died, the Cardinals banned alcohol from the locker room and plane.

I think all professional teams should ban alcohol from the locker room and planes. I know it would never happen though.

While the champagne celebrations when teams win are fun to watch, what if a player is a recovering alcoholic.

It is good to see some good come out of this terrible tragedy.

Kyle said...

Great article!

It is a miracle Jon Wilhite survived that crash.

I agree with the commish and his stance with alcohol and professional teams, but I don't see it happening. It's sad to see and hear about all the tragedies that occur from drunk driving.

It's great to hear that he beat the odds, survived, and he's making a recovery.

P.S. Good luck with the paper!

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Great read. Thanks for the link, Chris.

Bruno Van Rottweiller said...

Ricky Romero on the Jays is good mates with one of the survivors of the crash. Shameful, how only until recently we took stuff like drunk driving seriously. When , I was much younger , when someone was killed , murder charges weren't even talked about. If anyone watched ,60 minutes on Sunday that changed, especially on Long Island where I live.......

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Commish: Thanks for the kind words. It is an amazing story.

Kyle: Thanks. Paper is close to being done. Going to come down to the final few minutes before its due though.

eye, No prob :)

Bruno:It is crazy. I have been reading a lot about that lady in Weschester who drove the wrong way. I was shocked to hear she was drunk. It does explain why she was driving the wrong way though, I just couldnt fathom this being the truth that she would do that, in the afternoon and with 5 kids in her car nonetheless. What a terrible tragedy.

Bruno Van Rottweiller said...

Xristina, she also had pot in her system as well. The woman comes from a town close to mine on LOng Island of all things.....

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

The family had to know she was doing drugs and had drinking problems. She clearly had some issues going on that the family isnt telling the police also. Probably a fight with the husband I would assume

I see the umpires are back in Toronto.