Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shelley Duncan: The Big Man Strikes Again

If you haven't read this article, I highly suggest you take a few minutes to do so. Chad Jennings of the Times Tribune wrote an amazing feature on Shelley Duncan for the Sunday edition. It really gives you an in-depth look at his career in baseball, going back to when he was a young kid and was hanging around the A's when his father was the pitching coach.

I have always been impressed with the work that Shelley has put into improving his game. It hasn't be easy for him the past few years, but he still has continued to keep his head up and put all the effort he has into an at-bat, each and every night.

Along with his on-field play, Jennings also dug deep into the life of Shelley Duncan outside the game of baseball. I found it interesting to read that he has developed the passion for fly-fishing (reminding me of the movie A River Runs Through It) and hiking in the woods at night, leaving behind the flashlight to guide him through the path. I can see Shelley running wild in the woods, but its hard to imagine him sitting still trying to fly-fish in the rough waters.

In concluding the article, I found the final sentiments quite fitting to describe the big man himself:

Shelley has a big swing that hits long home runs. He has a big personality that makes him impossible to ignore. Those things have defined him, but they're only part of the definition.

"I'm just me," Shelley said. "When I die, or when I'm done playing, I just want people to only remember me in this game for one thing, that I played hard every single time I was out there. Nothing else. That's it. Not as a home run hitter or as a funny guy, nothing like that. Just, he played hard."

That's Shelley Duncan.

How can you not root for the guy? A guy who not only puts his all into every at-bat for a game he loves and respects, but also for a guy who is a good dude deep down. It is something that is a rarity now in baseball which is a pretty sad thing. Hopefully he keeps on working hard (which we know he will) and will be seen back in majors during the September call-ups.


Kyle said...

Good post!

That was a terrific article about Shelley Duncan. It's easy to root for a guy like him. I hope he does get another chance in the majors.

I give him a ton of credit for staying positive and continuing to work hard. Many people would just give up assuming they won't make the majors or figuring that they've done so well and still haven't made the majors.

Perseverance pays off and it will be rewarding for Shelley when he does get another opportunity in the majors. He seems to be a great clubhouse person and a great all around person.

I'm not sure that he will have a career for the Yankees, but I do think there is a team in the majors that could use Shelley Duncan. I hope he gets that chance someday.

Bruno Von Rottweiller said...

Did anyone catch Melky after the cycle game? He still needs Cano to translate for him? My mother came to this country from Europe in 1966 when she was 23 and learned the language in a matter of months! I know that Melky knows how to say: I like womens( we now that from the Mary Carey video that leaked out)! Nice of him to get a cycle BUT c'mon Melky bust out some english!

Rascal T. Cat said...

I read this article with a saucer of milk. Both were good.


Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

lol Bruno... But Melky likes boys, I mean he has a son lol... honestly though I cant stand Melky. Everyone seem to hop on the bandwagon when he does decent. Hes really not that great of a player and hes not the brightest guy either from what I have seen of him.