Friday, September 12, 2008

Off Day-- Yankee Stadium Tour

So I went on a tour of Yankee Stadium on Saturday. While I probably spent like 60 dollars on gas, 20 on tolls (I cant believe how many different tolls they now have) and wasted 6 hours of my life driving back and forth, I have to say it was worth it. Of all the years I have been going down to the Bronx, I never was able to actually take a tour of the place- mostly because they don't offer tours when the team has a day game.

Overall, it was pretty fun. Here are some notes of the trip.

*Well first off, Mr. Security man at the players lot pissed me off. I was told we could park there. Then he tells me I can't and makes me park on some ghetto street that said "No Standing". All I could see was myself getting a ticket

*Apparently there was a company picnic or whatever at the stadium. I guess there were 1,000 people and it cost 80,000 dollars. Must be nice to throw around that type of money.

*They let us go in the dugout, monument park, on the field, in the clubhouse, and also sit in the press box. I was in the front row near the Lohud press seats. It looked like each paper was given 2 seats.

*The view from the press box is amazing. I'd love to have that view.

*While in the clubhouse, it was cool to see around where the players are. It definitely looks larger on TV. They said the team gets 75 pounds of mail a week-- and 3/4 of that goes to Derek Jeter. He has a locker just for fan mail and his personal stuff. Crazy. Mariano also is in the corner and has the best locker in the room. They also had some interesting stuff in the lockers. Everyone was fascinated with Pettitte's jockstrap that was hanging in plain view. And by everyone, I do mean the guys on the tour also.

* The tour people were extremely strict. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Reminds me of the time I got tackled down for walking one row over when I was sitting in the Field Box (mind you my tickets were field box 6) during batting practice.

Overall was a great time. For 20 bucks I got to tour around the stadium and see things I never have seen before. Soon this stadium will be just a memory and the new ballpar--- i mean amusement park will be hoarded by the rich people who leave to go to the new martini bar.. What a joke. Whatever happened to just going to a baseball game to watch.. umm baseballl? I don't need no stankin' restaurant, I just want to be able to see the game.....

Thank you Lonn Trost. I am sure the rich people must love you.

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