Monday, September 1, 2008

First Post- Welcome

Well, I never thought I would break down and actually make a blog. I guess it was more of an issue of not really having enough time to think of something profound to write about and then actually being able to put together a well written piece of writing. It took reading other people's baseball blogs for me to realize that I have a lot of adventures to write about, and it might be fun to join the community of baseball bloggers. So here I am. Give me the benefit of the doubt though. I am working a bunch of jobs, and am going to Grad school. My sentences may be jumbled and I may not have the time to really get into profound statistics. If that's an issue, then don't read. Some of us do live busy lives.

I have so much that I have been wanting to write about. So many baseball adventures I have had the ability to take part of and watch. Some of those include the All Star Game, spring training in Tampa for many years, travels to Toronto to see games, among the many other countless visits to Yankee Stadium. Amid the adventures I have been on, I have to admit that I have a strong opinion about the game of baseball. I am for the most part always right about things, and I do not let the male species put my knowledge down, just because they think I am a "girl". Being a female fan has made it harder for people to immediately listen to me, but for the most part, once people know that you know your stuff, they will give you the time of day regardless of your sex.

So to make a very long introduction about myself short, I love baseball, and sports in general. I follow the Yankees with my heart, but I am a realistic baseball fan. I will be the first to admit when they stink and I do not worship Derek Jeter on my sleeve. My favorite players are the little guys that do a lot for a team, but do it by contributing in small ways that people may not always notice. I love learning every aspect of the game, and I really want to learn the mechanics behind pitching the perfect curve ball and slider. Hopefully, one day that will be able to happen.

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