Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best AL pitcher?

So who is the best pitcher in the American League? I would probably say Roy Halladay, but he has been one of my favorite pitchers for a while- so I may be biased. I guess it would make sense to look at some stats to see who would be in contention for this years Cy Young.

Roy Halladay 20-11 2.78 ERA 9CG 2SHO 246IP 200K 220H 39BB

Cliff Lee 22-3 2.54 4CG 2SHO 223.1 170K 214H 34BB

D. Matsuzaka 18-2 2.80ERA 163.2 IP 149K 92BB 124H

Mike Mussina 19-9 3.47 ERA 194.1IP 147K 29BB 211H

Jon Lester 16-6 3.21ERA 2CG 2SHO 210.1 IP 152K 66BB

Well, I guess if your one to look at w/l ratio, Cliff Lee would be your pick for Cy Young. The only problem I have with the total of wins that a player has is that I feel it doesnt respresent fully the type of player you are. Some pitchers are fortunte to be provided with enough run support to hold them with a decent number a wins. I know Ponson was a great benefactor of this and there are some pitchers (like Roy Halladay) who are not. From the Jays games I have seen, Hallday has lost out on several games that he would have won, had Toronto provided him with some sort of run support. An example of this would be on April 29,2008 in which he pitched a CG, giving up 1 run and still being given the loss.

In any event, I generally tend to look at ERA, walks, and IP. Strikeouts to me aren't extremely important in the sense that there are many effective pitchers that do not necessary rely on the strikeout to be dominate. IP show durability and ERA shows consistentcy.

When looking at all the stats together, as obvious as it sounds, Cliff Lee has been the most durable and effective pitcher this year. He pitched in 4CG and 223.1 innings. I think it his era of a 2.54 in the American League which is the most impressive. Halladay and Matsuzaka had amazing seasons and will probably be a close second and third.

What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and it's great. We female Yankee fans have to stick together! I'd have to go with Halladay over Cliff Lee, just because Doc has been doing it longer and is such a horse. Wish he was a Yankee. Stop by my blog and say hi.

saucy said...

Cliff Lee will win the Cy Young award this year as the writers who get to vote almost always weigh total Wins first, followed by ERA, strikeouts, and the rest...

However, I do think Roy Halladay has earned the title "best pitcher in baseball". (sorry Johan)

Fernando Alejandro said...

My money's on Cliff Lee. Halladay's already won a Cy Young. He needs to stop being so greedy.