Saturday, July 11, 2009

What did we do without computers?

No updates as of late because my computer decided to die on me the other day. I am not happy about this as my HP is a little over a year old, and my warranty just conveniently had to have recently expired. Conspiracy I tell you. Its also a conspiracy that the piece I need is out of stock and only one outside company makes it. Who knew a power supply was such a rare thing to have.

Regardless, I am heading to see AAA Yanks play the AAA Mets and I hear Angel Berroa has just joined the staff. What a joy. I actually am intrigued to see Mitre pitch as he is starting for Scranton tomorrow. Should be a nice day and fun all around. My mom cancelled on me so it appears I'm going to the game alone. Oh well,, works for me i guess.

Hopefully the computer will be fixed soon because I'm severely addicted.


Kyle said...

Have fun at the game! I'm not sure how Mitre has been in AAA lately. I wasn't impressed with the guy when he was a Cub a few years ago. Maybe he's improved since then.

Sorry about the computer. Hope that it's fixed soon.

The Commish! said...

Have fun at the game Christina. I am back from Las Vegas.