Thursday, July 9, 2009

Melancon Promoted

If you read my blog, you probably can tell I have a slight fascination with Mark Melancon. I think he has the potential to be great. While I thought he would be called up before September, I didn't think it was going to happen again this soon. He has been promoted as of a few hours ago and it looks as if he will be joining the team in Los Angeles tomorrow. This is a great opportunity for Mark and hopefully he will show some success this time at the major league level. I am not sure if he was ready as of yet for this but the team needs a reliever after using Aceves for 3+ innings so Melancon is the man.

Hopefully the fans will have patience with him. I am excited to see him back in the big leagues.


Bruno Von Rottweiler said...

Problem with the Yankees is that Cashman is the GM! I can't stand his evaluation of pitchers,ex Felix the Cat Heredia(remember his comical meltdown as a Met?),Igawa(makes the Castillo signing look like sheer genius), Weaver (they traded Lilly who could pitch in NY and did well there and traded him for Weaver who had pitched in the ultimate pitcher's park in the AL),Pavano ,Kevin brown and the list goes on and on..... I've been surprised at how well the Yankee pen has done lately, but will it have staying power? we'll see...AS for Mark M, we'll see about him too. The kid has potential BUT will he end up being E Ramirez Jr or Mo Jr?

@ Christina, Yankee fans can't be patient because they 1 missed the playoffs last year 2 got the top 3 free agents in the off seasons 3 they are spoiled from being in the playoffs every year AND 4 have spent 200 million bucks to boot. If this was a true rebuilding team like the Pirates(who are rebuilding every month it seems), fans can wait otherwise with the Yankees that is quite tough!

Kyle said...

I'm glad they called up Melancon. It's funny b/c I was thinking about why he's still in the minors earlier this week. I mean this same team would play useless guys like Edwar or Veras and have Berroa on the roster, but not use Melancon.

I hope Melancon gets a fair chance. It seemed like he was put in positions to fail the last time he was up. Like it would be bases loaded no outs or something in Fenway and they'd say hey kid you can pitch here...good luck.

I agree with Bruno about Cashman. I don't think Yankee fans will be patient, but the front office shouldn't make their decisions based on such irrational thinking. Look at Theo in Boston. Almost every year, fans of the Red Sox complain about what Boston did or didn't do in the offseason or at the deadline. But, the guy trusts his instincts and he's right many times.