Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Enough is Enough

I am tired of hearing the Roy Halladay nonsense. It is VERY unlikely that Blue Jays are going to trade their best pitcher to the Yankees unless it is for a crap load of amazing guys. It is fascinating how some fans think you can trade a team 6 crappy guys and get a dominating guy in return. If the Jays do ship Halladay out, the other team is going to feel a lot of pain from it. They are going to have to give up some really good and talented guys.

I will be disappointed and angry if the do let him go. He is one of the few things the Jays actually have going for them. He is the one guy in the starting rotation that you can actually count on and he is the only guy in their rotation that actually has experience. It is that experience he has which lends its way to helping the younger starters as he is seen as a mentor within this organization. Just look at the kind words Burnett has given about Halladay and the help he provided him with.

I don't blame Roy though. A guy of his caliber should be on a winning team. The Jays need to start changing the way they handle their pitchers because there are far too many injuries towards their young guys. Whether it is just something that is naturally happening or if there is a problem within their organization in abusing thee young arms is something I am not quite sure of. But until Rios and Wells start to get it going or the Jays move out of the AL East, the hope of them making it into the playoffs is quite dim.

If they do make a trade, who would you want them to acquire?


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Brutal. Just brutal.

If Doc's got to go, and I understand that he might have to go, I just pray he doesn't go to New York and Boston. Neither team deserves to buy his greatness.

Here's keeping out hope that he's a Blue Jay for life.

Anonymous said...

its time for jp to start working on his resume.

Kyle said...

Good post Christina. I also would be surprised if he's traded. Especially to an AL east team. I know Key, Cone, Wells, and Clemens were Jays. As was Leiter, but this time I don't think the Yankees will get a pitcher from Toronto.

Yankee fans tend to overhype their prospects. They'll say stuff like well I'll offer Gardner, Robertson, and Igawa for Halladay...and they'll really think that's a good deal. LOL.

Or they'll say Joba and Hughes are off limits but offer Cano... lol as if the Jays want Cano when they already have a better 2B.

I think any deal for Halladay has to include Joba or Hughes, Jackson, Montero, and maybe another prospect or two.

Yankee fans might try to lower Halladay's value by saying he's in his 30s but lol this is a team that has an injury prone pitcher older than Halladay signed @ 16.5 million a year for 5 seasons.

I'd have no problem trading Joba and some prospects for Halladay, but I don't think the Yankees will get him.

I think the Mets if Reyes was healthy could have traded Reyes, Fernando Martinez, and a pitching prospect but that won't happen now.

The Phillies make sense and there's always some wild card team that catches people off guard. I think every team could have a use for Halladay, but Toronto would be foolish to deal him unless they get a ton in return.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

I agree Anthony. I think its sad that they cant keep Halladay, but they go out of their way to sign BJ Ryan to a crazy deal, and gave Wells an insane contract that they now are regretting terribly. If they are going to start rebuilding they best start at the top.

Bruno Vaon Rottweiler said...

Rogers Communications made 1.1 billion dollar profit CDN last year....not a small sum! They could afford him, the Rogers are such tightwads!

@ Christina, it is sad to see Doc leave Toronto because he is the franchise. He is Jeter,Mo and Rivera all wrapped in one. The jays are slitting their throat for what? The Rogers sicken me with their tight fisted ways.

@ Kyle. JP will be eaten alive if Doc goes to the Red Sox or Yankees. Of the Mets, Yankees and Red Sox, the Sox have prospects that would fit the Jays. Kyle, Yankee fans think that their prospects are the most wonderful in the world. Look at the Santana trade, they wanted to send Hughes, Kennedy and Melky to the Twins initially...bad call. The Twins actually liked Boston's offer better........

The Phillies seem to be the frontrunners. They don't have the best prospects BUT the volume of b prospects they have aren't bad.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

did you see they released BJ Ryan? What a freaking joke that guy was. Vernon is lucky hes got a ridiculous contract or he'd be shipped away too.