Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Joe?

I was thrilled to hear Wang was back inthe rotation and I "thought" I heard that Hughes was going back to Scranton, when in fact he is being sent to the bullpen. I don't understand such a thing. Putting Phil in the pen is probably a worse idea than putting Joba back in the pen. The guy needs to build up his innings which he can do in AAA. Plus, how in the world is he going to be ready to be called on to start if theres an injury if they have him rotting out their in the pen?

Can someone explain this to me. Perhaps theres more to it then I am seeing.


Kyle said...

I wouldn't be too worried about Hughes.

It's just insurance. When there is more clarity with Wang they will be able to give Hughes a more definitive role

I think if Wang has 2 or 3 solid starts, you'll see Hughes moved back to AAA.

Also, the original plan was for Hughes to be in AAA until someone either ended up on the DL or til September when the rosters expand. They aren't stunting Hughes growth and he'll get his innings up.

Now if Hughes is in the pen for the rest of the season, I'd agree that the Yankees made a mistake, but I don't believe that is what happens.

The Commish! said...

Go Wanger! Get 'em with the slider!

The Commish! said...

Hughes told the Yankees he wanted to stay in the majors. Question is how good will he be out of the pen?

Anonymous said...

He is staying in the bullpen for a couple reasons, 1: he volunteered to stay in the bullpen, and right now he is chien ming wang insurance incase he bombs, and then once we are sure cmw is ok, he will be brian bruney insurance, and maybe work some high pressure situations. Also im sure he wants to stay in the majors, as a mlb player you make the minimum around 400,000 salary, minimun minor league is about 70,000 i believe those are close to the actual figures.