Friday, June 26, 2009

Bad News for Nady

Back from the Syracuse game in which the Chiefs took on the Yankees. It was quite a long drive and I often question how crazy I am for driving over 2 hours each way to see a minor league game.

Anyhow, it looks as if Nady is still having trouble with the elbow of his. There were two balls hit to him tonight; one which was hit into the corner of right field, and another ball that was a line drive single with a play to be made at home plate. As for the second play (which took place in the 3rd inning), Nady had a clear shot at getting the guy out at home. It was odd because he didn't even attempt to throw the ball home, and instead he threw it to a guy that was between first and second base. I almost wonder if he had been feeling this injury from earlier on in the game.

It is interesting though because he didn't immediately take himself out of the game even after the throw he made in the 3rd. He stayed into the game until the middle of the 5th inning. I figured something had to be up as he was due up first in the 6th inning and it wouldn't make sense for the manager to pull him after only 2 AB's.

This is a bad blow for Nady and the Yankees. I was really hoping to see him back in the majors soon as I am not thrilled having Swisher out in RF on a consistent basis.


Anonymous said...

Not crazy, amiga - dedicated!
And, thank you.
I appreciate the updates.

Kyle said...

Tough news for the Yankees and Nady.

Now the Yankees will use Damon at LF,Gardner at CF, Melky splitting time at CF and RF and Swisher at RF.

Swisher is sorta like what Giambi was for us the past couple years. Power and walks, but streaky and K's a lot. Swisher oddly doesn't hit well at home.

I don't think Swisher is good defensively, but he's certainly better than Abreu was in RF.