Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another day, another injury

The Jays are off to an unlucky 2009 season, in which another man from their pitching staff was placed on the DL. Casey Janssen can be added to the list now as he has inflammation in his throwing shoulder. This is a huge blow as he finally was able to come back from the DL after having TJ Surgery two years ago. In addition to his injury, it looks as if Scott Downs also did something to his ankle. I saw clips from yesterdays game and he appeared to hurt his ankle after running down to first base.

Also, today Chien-Ming Wang is starting against the Nationals today. The team has really screwed him up this year and basically threatened to ship him to the pen if he doesn't perform well tonight. Here's to hoping for a good outing from Wang. People blame him as if it is his fault the Yankees didn't know how to handle his injury, and then brought him back entirely too soon. Not sure how much I really care for Dave Eiland or even Girardi at this point.


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

I hate Interleague play.

Kyle said...

Tough break for the Jays. They have dealt with a lot of injuries.

I will be at tonight's Yankee game. I hope Wang does decent. I would think that at least 5 innings buys him another start.

I look at Cashman first and foremost when I look to blame someone. Cashman hired Girardi. Cashman hand picked Dave Eiland as the pitching coach. This is Cashman's team.

Wang is really important to this team. He can potentially be our #2 if he can get back to where he was. The guy was good in 05 and really good in 06 and 07. 2008 he was really good til he got hurt.

The Yankees completely screwed up with Wang. They did not have any training people or doctors check with Wang over the offseason. They did not have him run. Then, they called up from the minors too early in May.

My fear with Wang is that they'll sell low with him or just get rid of him and then he pitches great for some other team.

Wang is only 29 and his velocity was up his last start. He had a lot of pitches low so his sinker was working, but he had command and location issues and walked a few guys.

I think Wang will get better and be a valuable pitcher. I just hope it is for the Yankees and that they do not give up on Wang.

The Commish! said...

Hope you bring some good luck to the Yanks tonight Kyle. I like the Nationals pitcher-John Lannan-went to Chaminade High School on Long Island.

Wang's wife just gave birth-not sure if the pregnancy was tough but his mind could have been elsewhere lately. I like the name he gave his kid-Justin Jesse Wang.

Bruno Von Rottweiler said...

About the Jays, they have young kids like Castro, Mills and to a lesser degree, Cecil who can come up and take their place. As for Downs they have Accardo, who saved 30 games for them in 2007 in the minors. The Jays do have pitching depth so even with Janssen, Doc and Downs down(pun intended). It's not over.

On Wang,I'm not a fan of Eiland. Wang flourished under Gator. Guidry seemed to understand him as a human being or better yet on a psychological level. Wang is very sensitive and fragile, so all this stuff that has happened has effected him somehow.I always have looked as wang as 3a, rather than a 1a ace. He's a very good pitcher. but I think they will eventually give up on him and he flourishes elsewhere......

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Bruno- I hope they dont give up on Wang. Girardi, Eiland, and the organization really let him down. It is unfair that every start he has this constant worry of being pulled from the rotation.

Now its a hard choice, I understand that. You cant keep throwing out a guy who is only giving you a few innings and giving up an absorbant amount of runs. Hopefully he is healthy now and that wont be the case.

Bruno Von Rottweiler said...

@Christina, right now this team is impatient because of last year's fall from grace. THey want to make the playoffs no matter what the cost. IF WAng is a liability, THEN he gets reduced to a BP pitcher or mop up duty. After his time is up next year, I'm sure they won't keep him. According to Kay, the Yankee Organization(he probably means the law firm of Trost and Levine)have never been in love with Wang. I for one like this kid and he won 19 games two years in a row for them, so he's a good pitcher. BUT I believe that it is all psychological and that was something Torre(i'm not a fan of his BTW) was good at as well as Gator. Torre isn't a great in-game strategist or whatnot BUT he handles people very well, that was his forte'

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Yeah Bruno, I agree. I cant see why they wouldnt like Wang though. Hes a quiet kid and hes won them 19 games twice...