Saturday, November 21, 2009

Roy Halladay

According to Jordan Bastian of, The Jays are apparently talking to the Cubs about the GREAT Roy Halladay. While the article claims the Jays GM is currently isn't shopping any of their players, it seems as if its only a matter of time before Harry departs the Jays to head elsewhere. Please pray with me that it is somewhere in the AL or the Mets, where I at least would be able to watch him pitch. I bet he'd do great in Philly actually, with a 1-2 punch of Lee and Halladay.

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Kyle said...

Supposedly the Cubs and Dodgers are the teams that the Jays have talked to.

I think the Phillies are really foolish to pass up on Halladay. They should stop acting like a small market in that regard. They already are the NL favorite in 2010. Add Halladay and you got the 2010 WS favorite.

I think Boston will offer the most, but Toronto probably deals Roy to the NL.

I also think the Mets could turn around that team incredibly fast if they added Halladay along with another starting pitcher and signing Holliday. That's the kind of advantage big market teams have. The mets would be foolish not to do this. They'd quiet the Phillies in a hurry with moves like that.

In fact if the Mets really wanted to they could probably trade for Miguel Cabrera to play 1st. Trade for Halladay. Sign Holliday and maybe sign like a Marquis for the back of the rotation. They'd like need to trade Fernando Martinez and Reyes in deals, but it's worth it when they improve that much.