Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yankees Postseason Roster

I have been a huge slacker lately with this blog. That is what college will do folks. I currently and working on a very long thesis, which is pretty time consuming, but is also interesting. Hopefully it will be done soon and my life will return.

Regardless of that, I figured I would try to figure out what players would be in for the playoffs. I figure first round they will carry an extra position player, so that leaves on of the relievers off the list. I made these choices last night, but I am starting to rethink my choices.

These position players are all obvious choices
1) Jeter
2) Damon
3) Teixeira
4) Rodriguez
5) Matsui
6) Posada
7) CanĂ³
8) Swisher
9) Cabrera

Starting pitchers- I would say Joba is definitely on the roster, but obviously as a reliever
10) Sabathia
11) Burnett
12) Pettitte
13) Chamberlain

Position players: I didn't select Guzman originally but I am thinking he will make it over Pena. Not sure what I was thinking
14) Gardner
15) Hairston Jr
16) Hinske
17) Molina
18) Pena

Relievers: Hughes, Rivera, Ave, and Coke are all definites.I would say Roberston if healthy. Wasn't sure of Gaudin or Bruney, but I guess we will see. I guess the Yankees probably will take 10 pitchers, which means that Gaudin or Bruney are out. Which means one more position player needs to be added. I am not very good at making decision as you can tell.

19) Rivera
20) Hughes
21) Aceves
22) Bruney
23) Coke
24) Robertson
25) Gaudin

So pretty much the roster I originally selected is no good. Oh well, not like you really know which way Girardi is going to go.


The Commish! said...

I see you have really been working hard on your thesis, LOL.

I agree 100% with your roster. I like Gaudin for the last pitcher spot.

Hopefully we won't have to worry about any of the backup position players playing in the playoffs.

I like for the ALDS-CC, Pettite, Burnett, CC, Pettite.

BTW, how about the AL Central race between the Twins and Tigers?

Kyle said...

I think Joba won't start in the ALDS.

The ALCS could be interesting. Joba probably just needs to be decent while Gaudin might need to be really good.

That said, Gaudin has not done bad. I'd have no problem with him being a long relief guy or even a 4th starter.

Also a suggestion.

I'd add Marte. I worry about Phil Joke I mean Choke I mean Coke.

I don't trust Bruney much either, but fortunately he won't be needed much unless something goes really wrong or the Yankees have a big lead.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

I hope Burnett crashes and burns in the playoffs.

No, I'm not bitter.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Commish, its quite the race. Who do you want to make the playoffs?

Kyle: Joba isnt going to start, why would he? Hes in the bullpen 100%, unless something terrible happens to 1-2 of their starters

Eye: It's OK to be bitter. Hes only 12-10 for the Yankees this year. Typical Burnett, when hes on hes on, but when hes not, he certainly blows.

The Commish! said...

God Bless AJ Burnett's father who underwent triple bypass surgery.

Christina: I'd like to see the Twins make it because Verlander scares me in a short series. I saw him pitch in college at ODU!