Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ode to Al

While the name of my blog is after the loquacious lefty, it's not a crazy site that focuses on the life and daily tribulations of this former Yankee and Blue Jay. However, because I have had a crappy week and have been trying to rectify my destroyed belongings after the beer incident (which has failed and will result in me having to spend 200 dollars to purchase new books), this post will be a happy tribute to the great Alois Terry Leiter.

People have asked "Why Christina have you named your blog after Al Leiter." When told it was because I appreciate the way he played the game, and that he was a member of the A/C Yankees, they still don't seem to get it. So here's my explanation:

Leiter wasn't one of those flashy pitchers. He came in and did his stuff. He respects the game of baseball and is a fan of the game as well. As an announcer he is great for the fans because he has a way of explaining different techniques to pitching that we as viewers may not have a clue about. I love watching him do the pregame shows in which he explains the art of throwing different types of pitches (which I recall him doing in Toronto). While he was a vocal guy and would at times make these frustrations apparent to other (see Armando Benitez who blew about 5-10 wins for Leiter), hes the epitome of how the game should be played which is why he is still loved by the fans in NY (some even in Toronto too, but I have heard mixed feelings from Jays fans in regards to Al).

In addition to his work on the field, the Al Leiter and his wife are also involved in the community which can be seen through the children's foundation that they have set up which is known as "Leiter's Landing." He has been involved in building baseball fields in his community along with helping children that are in need. As someone involved in the field of teaching and literacy, the work he has done with these kids is amazing and is something I look up to in these players and former players. Leiter was the recipient of the 2000 Roberto Clemente Award which stated his efforts outside baseball in including:

The charitable organization is committed to the betterment of youth through education, health care and social and community service. Leiter's Landing also serves as a fundraising arm to assist other children's charities. Some of the activities associated with Leiter's Landing have included donating computers to underprivileged schools in Harlem, helping to launch a program where young volunteers work with Meals-on-Wheels to deliver meals to 15,000 home-bound elderly, working extensively with organizations like the Starlight Foundation, which helps terminally ill children, and participating in hospital visits throughout the year.

While at the game on Sunday, Leiter was featured on the jumbo tron in between innings (I think the 6th or 7th inning, somewhere around there). The clips came out to the song "Call me Al", which is sung by Paul Simon (good song). Ok, enough of the Leiter love, I swear this is the one and only time I will do this. Even though the man thinks I am insane, I still appreciate the work he does. It is probably a good thing that I was this (..........)close to him on Sunday, but still failed to say hello to him! Nerves kicked in. Oh well, maybe someday.


The Commish! said...

Good explanation Christina. Thank you for creating this blog. I enjoy reading it. Good luck with replacing your books.

Kyle said...

Good post Christina. You've done an outstanding job with this blog. I enjoy reading it and look forward to future blog posts.

Great pics from that game. It was a good game, but I feel bad about what happened with your books.

CD said...

He's old enough to be your father.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

So what? Am I saying I want to marry him?

I said he is a good announcer and I respected him as a player. Half these guys could be my father. Does that mean I cant follow baseball?

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

This is why I read blogs; it's where guys like Al Leiter can get the respect they deserve. It's always the big stars that get followed, and have all the adulation. It's nice to see and read the perspective on a huge Al Leiter fan.

Enjoy your blog, Chris. Glad I found it.


Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

aw, thanks eye :)

How can you not love Leiter?