Saturday, September 26, 2009

Too much Redbull?

Quite the broadcast of the Yankees game tonight with Al Leiter and Michael Kay. Could anyone else understand what Leiter was talking about? Did this chart really help?

From what I tried to gather from this very confusing conversation, Al thinks that MLB should go back to a 154 game schedule. With that, he believes that 6 teams from each division should be in the playoffs. In order to do this he feels that two additional wild card spots need to be created. Which was what led to the creation of this lovely diagram.

I understand how he wants winning the division to be worth more. He said that teams clinching the wild-card spot are pretty much given the same things as those who have won their respectful division. But making the season shorter, adding another series, and then letting 6 teams into the playoffs I think is too much. Or just too confusing.

Or perhaps I wasn't following him correctly. I am not really sure still where he was going with this.

Maybe I need a one-on-one lesson about this with the professor.


Kyle said...

Leiter tends to ramble at times. His plan was a little confusing and it adds too many playoff teams.

Kay's idea was okay, but too tough on the wild card teams. I don't agree with not giving the wild card team a home game in the playoffs.

Why not keep the schedule the same. Add 1 more WC in each league. The 2 wild cards play a 1 game playoff to see who makes the playoffs.

I'd also consider making the division series best of 7, but they'd need to eliminate some of the extra off days in the playoffs.

My idea gives teams an incentive to win the division. It also tells the wild card not to be content with the wild card. They could have an 8 game lead over the other wild card team, but miss the playoffs if they lose the 1 game playoff.

It also allows more teams to have a chance at making the playoffs w/o watering down the playoffs with too many playoff teams.

Unknown said...

I think Leiter wants this:
A) 154 Game Schedule
B) 6 teams from each league in the playoffs
C) Two best records get a bye round in the first round, which he wants to be best of 3
D) The other four teams play each other in a best of three, first round
E) winners of these two series' advance to the division series, where they will play the two teams that had the bye
F) Playoffs continue as normal.

Lauren in S.I. said...

Here's a photo of ARod's future wife

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Elias, what if the two best records comes from the same division?

Shouldnt the top the teams in each division get a bye?

If you do it this way, then there is no purpose for having divisions within leagues....

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Laura, the link didnt work for me

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Lauren, I mean, sorry.

Lauren in S.I. said...

Bruno Van Rottweiller said...

Lauren ,funny about that woman...I'm from West Islip! Chris Angel(the magician) lives in west Islip...nice town, very bougie. You want gossip on her,too? I never heard anything about Staten Island Susan Molinari. Don't worry I already know shit on her!

At Christina, they won't get rid of the divsions or the unbalanced schedule. Can you imagine if that overrated piece of shit team, the Twins ,had to play Boston and NY, 36 times a year? they would be a joke. Better yet,if the Jays had a chance at a balanced schedule they would have been in the playoffs since 1993 at least 5 times! Buster Olney always mentions how the Jays do well enough to compete BUT not enough to get in and that is a complaint...what is the solution?

They will not go back to no divisions so that is a given. I have a controversial tweak. There would be five teams in the playoffs with two Wild Cards. The teams with shittiest record regardless of winning the division or not would play each other in a so-called WIld Card playoff. Best of three before the regular playoffs. That would avoid a farce like 2006 where a Cards team that won 82 games was given the World Series. I also don't believe a WIld Card like Boston should be penalized. They have won over 90 effing games so far , the shitty Central has two teams that won't come close to 90 wins! The Tigers, Twins and White Sox have it too easy. Under my system, you might win a decision BUT you have to win more games than a Wild Card team.

The Commish! said...


Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

That makes sense Bruno. Not sure what the Jays can really do to compete in this division. I guess build up their farm pretty well like the Rays have done. Its got to be about smart baseball when you dont have the money (or your not willing To put up the money)to buy out all the good talent.