Saturday, February 13, 2010

Get well soon, Geno

The NY post is reporting that Yankee trainer Gene Monahan will be missing his first spring training in 48 years. The source states that it is a "significant illness that possibly could sideline him for the beginning of the regular season."

I've run into Geno on several occasions while in Tampa and in Toronto and he seems to be a good guy. He's been that mainstay with the Yankees for years and is someone the players seem to like. Him and Bobby Murcer were extremely close; a relationship that formed when Bobby was a CF for the Yankees. If you're not familiar with him, hes the guy the announcers always talk about when someone has a memorable hit and they write the accomplishment on the ball (As documented by Tyler Kepner of the NY Times)

Heres to a speedy recovering Gene. Hopefully he will be back to action soon.


Kyle said...

Get well soon Gene!

Jay said...

Hey just wanted to say, love the blog (and get well Gene!) and I enjoy the posts (as a Yanks fan). I recently started up a site myself,, which is dedicated to the Sox/Yanks rivalry. Hope you enjoy! And happy to exchange linking if you want - Yanks fan blogs should stick together :)

Take care, and GO YANKS!

thanida said...

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