Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh where oh where will Roy Halladay go?

The great Roy Halladay (HAL-a day not HOL-i-day.. I hate how people mispronounce his name) has announced to the world that he will not engage in trade talks during the regular season.

With that, Toronto has to make a decision to trade him before Spring Training or keep him on the team for the entire season. This was the best -and most obvious- move for Hallday, given the distractions he faced last year around the trade deadline when he was uncertain as to which team he was going to be on.

If I am the Blue Jays, I would look for a team that's willing to give me some decent young players in exchange for Halladay before camp meets in February. I doubt the Jays are going to get as much in return now (as he would have gotten during the trade deadline) but they know they don't have a shot at having him past 2010 and they need to start developing the team for the future. In trading a huge star like Halladay, they should be able to acquire some decent prospect that will be able to help them now and/or eventually down the road.

At this stage in the game this has to be Toronto's approach. They have to realize that there is no way to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox payroll. It must now be able developing young players and putting a lot into the draft. They have done well with that over the years in getting some decent pitchers, but the key now is keeping these guys healthy and continuing to make smart decisions during the draft. In addition, they need to start spending their money wisely when it comes to free agents. While the Vernon Wells deal looked good in the beginning, it has ended up being a huge mistake; one that is taking up a huge part of their payroll and hindering them from signing other key free agents.

If I am the Jays, player development is key along with trading away the great Roy Halladay. I will be very bummed with this happens (and inconsolable if he goes to the Red Sox) but for the better of the organization, it needs to happen. I personally hope he goes to the Phillies.


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

I really don't believe in that "distraction" stuff. You're a pro athlete, you make MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of dollars a year. Deal with it. We all have pressures in our jobs; this is one that comes with being a pro athlete. He's really handcuffing the organization with this talk about not being traded during the season, and it could really come back to bite us in the ass. The team is trying to trade him, they want him to go to a winner, but the organization has to look out for itself too, and get back the best return possible. Right now, with these public comments, he's playing with Toronto's leverage, and it just isn't right. He's got a full no-trade clause, what the hell else does he want?

The whole saga is ripping Jays fans apart. I want him traded now. The sooner the better. Let's get it over with. All things end badly, and this is a prime example. I'll always love him, he'll always be the best pitcher to ever pitch in Toronto, but as The Tao of Stieb so eloquently put it: "I love you ... but pack up your shit, and get the fuck out."

Kyle said...

I think Phillies and Red Sox have a lot to gain by getting Halladay. He can push either team over the top.

Yankees just need Halladay not to go to Boston.

Should be interesting to see what happens. I think a trade will take a little while. Toronto will eventually lower demands somewhat.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

I understand what you are saying eye, but I am just basing my comments on his reaction last year. He was a different player during all those distractions. Is her a professional? Yes. Should he not let those things affect his game? Probably. Is he human? Yes. thats the key. When you have a family and theres that uncertainty (no matter who you are) as to where you are off to next, it would have to affect you.

You do bring up a valid point that I didnt think of really (which I should have). And that is how he is digging Toronto in a hole. As other teams know the Jays want to trade him and now they know that the team is going to HAVE to trade him before the deadline or there is no deal. That plays a big role as now teams know they might be able to get away with giving up less since the Jays may become desperate to unload him if thats what they ultimately want to do.

He's doing what hes got to do for himself and his career. Hes given the Jays and the fans alot to root for and love, but it looks like those days are over. Ill root for him wherever he goes, though I'd rather it not be for the Red Sox. Or Cardinals.

Rob A from BBD said...

If I'm the Yankees, or even the Red Sox for that matter, I'd think about taking Vernon Wells on in exchange for keeping their top prospects.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

So the Yankees get Vernon and Halladay for....???

You cant just take salary from them. The whole point of getting rid of Halladay is to get back good prospects...

Bruno Van Rottweiller said...

@ Xristina, The Jays have to get something back for Doc. They are under no pressure to get rid of him because of payroll at this point. The Rogers can afford him. He wants to go. Fine BUT the team still has to look out for themselves. Contrary to popular belief, they need to get better than a first rounder and the pick...if they don't Roy can stay in TO.

@ Bleaf, he doesn't want the media circus to effect his family again. Your boy JP made a big F%^&ing mess when Doc was on the trading block. Quite frankly, Doc is sick and tired of the Mickey Mouse organization up there in Toronto , who promised their fanbase contention in 2010 instead we hear lies like" building." They are not building, they are rebuilding BTW. So far AA is so full of shit his eyes are brown! Gonzo and Johnny Mac, wow still no catcher, no real 3rd baseman, no 4th outfielder. I know it's early BUT the 2 SSs signings are a replay of JP's idiocy in signing a million shortstops!

@ Kyle, they have no choice(TO that is). They have to get a deal that nets them something. Remember when the Tribe traded CC to the Brew Crew? Cleveland did pretty well and that was a midseason trade. and remember Bedard. Yes, Seattle got him for a longer period than Doc would have BUT who is the better pitcher? Doc....At the trade deadline, they could still get a haul for him THOUGH not as obscene as what Jays fans want and nothing as stupid as some Yankee fans have suggested. I saw one trade of Melky, Kennedy and Phil Choke somewhere! I literally fell off my chair and spit out my coffee over that. And also the Yankee fans that want both Doc and wells and giving nothing up...equally insane. with Hal in charge ,they won't go over 200 mill( which is still an obscene amount of money).

Christina, you mentioned Philly.....GM Amaro is a dope. They have the chips and need a pitcher now. They needed a one -two punch against the Yanks and had a chance to beat them with Lee AND Hallday. I don't understand Amaro. Gillick told him to get Doc. They could have a dynasty BUT screwed up. IMHO, the Phils and the Jays are perfect trading partners.

Also, the Mets talk from Fat Mike Francesa is patently comical. The cheap Wilpons willnot pay two pitchers in their thirties 23 million dollars a year! It makes no sense. and what fat Mike doesn't understand. The shitty Mets lost more games than the Jays last year, who thinks that Doc will go to the NY Mess(not a typo). Mike is insane with the Doc-Mets talk, he has his head up his arse. They have garbage prospects too. F-Mart? Parnell?Niese....and they use the stupid Santana analogy. Anthopoulos is not an idiot like Bill Smith of the Twins was.....

Kyle said...


I agree that the Phils are dumb if they do not get Halladay. I mean last WS with Halladay is Halladay and Lee games 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7. That's a series that might have ended in 5 for the Phils, but at worst they'd have Halladay for a game 7. Halladay makes the 2010 NL favorite into a WS favorite and potential dynasty.

I don't see the Mets spending the money. Don't see them spending it on Holliday for LF either. Typical Mets would be a "better late than never" getting Vlad like 5 years too late. Have him in LF and then getting Marquis to start.

I think the best offer will come from Boston or the Yankees, but I don't know if Toronto makes the deal.

Also, you are right that many Yankee fans will want to get something for nothing. They'll say well Halladay's going to be 33. Even though they had no problems giving an injury prone pitcher that's 4 months older than Halladay 5 years just 1 season ago.

It's like if they want a player they'll say this prospect is amazing. If they're trying to get something they'll rationalize an argument stating how so and so isn't that good and the Yankees should only have to give up a little.

In reality I think Joba or Hughes is a must and then Jackson or Montero. It's probably something like Joba and Montero or Hughes and Jackson, but I don't think they'd trade Hughes and Montero in the same deal. Maybe Ian Kennedy is added to the deal, but I can't imagine he'd have much value.

I enjoy watching Halladay and hope he does well next year. Just hope he's not on the Red Sox.