Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last day in Tampa: :(

Well I guess the end of this trip had to eventually come. I am off to Lakeland in a few minutes for my last spring training game. I have had such an amazing time this year and have been fortunte to meet so many amazing people. If I had more money I would to have stayed much longer but coming down here is pretty expensive.

It stinks the Yankees only played 2 road trips since i've been here- both being in Lakeland. Joker Marchant Stadium is beautiful but I would have loved to visit Clearwater again (their ballpark is amazing) and also check out Dunedin where the Blue Jays play. I guess there is always next year right?

Its always cool when you run into people that are from your area. I ran into 2 really sweet people that were ushers that happened to live about 2 minutes from my house and also ran into a couple at the game who have a son that went to school with my brother. Not only did I run into people I knew but I met some nice fans from all over the US and was talking baseball nonstop for basically the whole trip, something I unfortunately am not able to really do at home. I ran into the same people just about everyday and it was cool to see some familiar faces. One lady was a teacher from CT and was jut as big of a baseball fan as I am. I also ran into a bunch of guys that were great and kind of enough to introduce me to this really sweet guy who sold me some tickets and had so many cool stories to tell. Hopefully I will be able to meet these guys again next year during spring training.

Autograph wise- i made out really well. I got Sabathia, Matsui, Teixiera, Swisher, Coney, and Singleton. Swisher was great with the fans and signed for just about everyone on any given day. Him and Damon are awesome with the fans which is something I love to see. David Cone signed two of my balls which was great, he was a really nice guy also (despite what he says) and took a lot of time to sign for the fans. Kim Jones also seems like a really nice lady and she also stopped to sign autographs for people which was nice.

All in all, this was a great trip, probably the best spring training by far. I was given a great opportunity to see parts of Legends Field which was really amazing and is something I owe to one really nice guy. It is great that people finally can take me serious and given me a chance even though I am a girl. It is possible for females to love the game of baseball and not be into it just because Derek Jeter is "hot".

Time to head to Lakeland, the end of a vacation always sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip! next year i may try to do spring training! glad you had fun!