Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a mess those Mets are

Another day, another injury for the New York Mets. I had thought the Jays had it bad with all of their injuries in the beginning of the year, but it looks like the Mets have really surpassed them in that regard. It seems like every day a different guy is hurt. Castillo the other day, now Niese. How many is that now? From their official site, it shows Maine, Nieve, Putz, Wagner, Delgado, Martinez, Reyes, Beltran, and another Martinez. And some people think they are still in it? Oh boy..

Anyhow, rough patch of games for the Jays. Watching Halladay last night was tough to do as I hate when the team cant seem to put anything together for him. Another complete game, another loss for the guy. He probably was hoping he would be traded out of Toronto, now he is just going to have to get back into the groove and realize he is here to stay, at least for now anyhow.

On another note, I just read online that the Jays are having a flashback Friday in which former players are coming to the stadium and signing for fans. Leiter is going to be there along with Joe Carter, Paul Molitor, and an array of other Blue Jay greats.. Does anyone wanna take a road trip with me to Canada??? I wish I was closer because I would definitely be there.

Big series this weekend as the Yankees are taking on the Red Sox in a 4 game set at home. Lets see if they can improve on their 0-8 record against the Sox this year. I guess it can't really get any worse, right?

Any other worthwhile baseball news going?


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

I actually live blogged the Mets game yesterday afternoon for The Score; they are cursed. That injury to Niese was just plain weird, especially the way he collapsed on the mound.

Let's not talk about the Jays' two games with the Yankees. Ugh.

You should definitely come up for Friday night's game. It's going to be fantastic. I saw that Al Leiter is going to be there signing autographs as part of the group. I'm going, and I'm going to try and get all the autographs. Taking it back to my youth. Should be fun. Fun to stop thinking about another clusterfuck of a season and reminisce on the glory days, if for no other reason than to just reminisce.

So I was watching yesterday's Cards/Mets game, and Pujols' numbers with the bases loaded came up; they're insane. He's 7-for-9 with the bases juiced, with 5 home runs and 24 RsBI. That's a 3.144 OPS. Here's my question: next time, do you walk Pujols, and walk in a run, instead of trying to pitch to the guy?

Bruno Von Rottweiller said...

I don't believe in curses at all BUT the Mets really have some strange luck going on. I've heard Kay apply that to Toronto as well BTW!. You know how the story was prefaced down here in NYC area? The Mets lose...even when they win! My nickname for them is the NY Mess!

@ Bleaf. Bleaf as great as Pujols is(he's the best BTW) , you have to take a chance and pitch to him. Remember the Bonds factor, where teams walked in Bonds rather than pitching to him? It might apply to Albert BUT I'll take my chances if I'm an opposing manager.

Halladay,, whatta a shame he's been a Yankee killer BUT now they are killing him. It doesn't help that the team has been very poor with respect to RISP. we saw that with Gibbons, NOW with Cito...what does that mean? It all lays at Jp's feet. He is the architect of this team and he put the presonnel together. After the Halladay trade debacle, he needs to go and someone else needs to take over.

Yanks vs Red Sox? No offense to Yankees fans BUT can the Yanks win one of these games? If they don't beat Smoltz, then the Yanks aren't doing anything this year in the post season! Smoltz really stinks and if they make it to the playoffs, which is up in the air with the Rays and Rangers in the mix, they have to at least take 3 of these. I would be shocked if the Yanks won more than 2 games here ...and I would,'t be shocked if they lost tonite either! No it's not Schadenfreude, I think the Red Sox are much better in a head to head matchup.

Christina, enjoy yourself at the Skydome, I'm busy so I can't make it BUT I know it'll be cool to see Al again!

Kyle said...

What a mess is right for the Mets. That team has a lot of problems. They have the NL's highest payroll and are arguably the most arrogant team. I'm sure the NL doesn't feel that bad for the Mets.

As for the Yankees, it's a big series. Realistically, they can stay in 1st by simply avoiding a sweep. Still, I'd like to think that they have higher hopes than that.

Yankees problem all season is that they haven't beat the top teams in baseball. They can beat the other teams, but they need to prove that they can beat the top teams.

The Commish! said...

No feeling sorry for the Mets here!

I do feel sorry for Doc Halladay-just not against the Yankees. :)

Time for the Yanks to break out of the 0-8 skid against the Red Sox.

Big Papi is having a press conference Saturday to discuss his 2003 positive drug test.

I'll see you in Toronto on Friday Christina!

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Hey guys- I wish I was closer to Toronto, because I would have gone. But its a 7 hour drive so I copuldnt go...... Eye, did you see Leiter? How was the day?

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Chris, I saw Leiter walking around, but wasn't able to get any autographs. The lines were a lot longer than I had anticipated. Mostly, I just wanted to be there for the ceremony and to see everyone.

In all honesty, the ceremony was kind of underwhelming. But, still, it was great to be there with the boys and relive the glory days.

Here's my post with a couple of pics, and Winfield video: