Monday, October 26, 2009

My seat for game 6.....

This was my first playoff game, since my friend was able to get some great tickets off We knew the section they were in, but we had no idea that we were seated directly behind the cameraman. This was pretty much the view I had, which was something I wasn't pleased with since these tickets had a face-value price at $200.

I went to the ticket box to voice my displeasure. The man behind the window gave me very few options. To move my seats to the only available seats which were in the Legends section. Most know the price one pays to sit in the Legends seats. They told me I would have to pay the difference. The only other option was to keep the ticket, or to get a refund and be escorted out of the stadium.

I asked to speak with a manager. After waiting 15-20 minutes, the man finally decided to show up. Not sure what he was doing, but from what we could all see the guys in the ticket sales were enjoying the football game that was on in their office. Those waiting we not pleased to say the least.

Don't get me wrong. I am so thankful to have been at the stadium to see them clinch. But to charge someone $200 for this view is horrible. The Yankees need to change this. I can't even imagine how much this ticket goes for during the World Series. The mere fact they had the audacity to put seats behind the camera station is horrible.

I guess this is the 'Thank You' the Yankees gave me for supporting their ballclub. Next time, I hope Lonn Trost enjoys the ball game from the seat I had to sit in.


Fordham Babe said...


Too funny.

Ya got ripped off.

You might as well have been blindfolded.

Should of took the refund.

Who wants to spend 4 hours looking at some old man's butt.

Hell, wtht the refund you could of bought 50 flat screen tee vee to watch the Series.

M.I.T. Yankee said...

You can try contacting the NY Post or the NY Daily News.

They love to do featured on people getting ripped off, especially when their is a populist angle.

And what makes your account perfect falter is your photo.

The yanks would be so embarrassed by the bad pub. they'll try to make it up to you with box seats.

The only thing is, I don't know exactly which reporter to contact. The beat reporters already have their hands full, so you may want to start out with the metro desk and use explicit language like "ripped off"

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

I was thinking Mike Francesa for a start.

The Commish! said...


Interesting point during the NYC Mayoral debate tonight talking about the new Yankee Stadium. Many residents in the south Bronx are upset because the Yankees don't give any money back to the community. And don't bring up Dream Week because while that was nice, that was one week. I'm sure Yankees give plenty to charities, etc. Try walking around the south Bronx on a day the Yankees aren't playing and you will be scared for your life.

They also brought up how they were going to make the old Yankee stadium into playgrounds and fields for kids since they built the new stadium on the parks where kids used to pay but haven't. Yet the old stadium is still standing.

Some interesting points. I'm sure Bloomberg will be front row and center at the game tomorrow just like his old buddy Rudy Giuliani.

Ok, sorry for the long post but maybe an interesting blog post for you to consider.

Off my soap box now.

Kyle said...

Yeah it was certainly quite the seat. Still, the game was a lot of fun. It's awesome to see a clincher of your team winning.

I definitely do not think the Yankees should get off the hook with this one. Maybe a complaint to Francesa would work and maybe writing to a newspaper and attaching photos.