Saturday, October 3, 2009

J.P Riccardi: A Goner

So the news has broke that J.P. Riccardi has been dismissed of his job as the GM of the Blue Jays. What are your thoughts about this? I guess it cant be too surprising as of all the nonsense that happened with Halladay.


The Commish! said...

He looks like a wiseguy from the Sopranos. Sad to see him go! I know how in love with him you were Christina!

What the heck does J.P. stand for anyway?

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Love? Yes, true love.

I have no idea. Jonathan Paul?

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

I'm in love with J.P., too!!1

Halladay had nothing but good things to say about Ricciardi.

You can read my ode to Ricciardi here: Long live J.P.

Bruno Van Rottweiller AKA King of the JP Haters said...

Hated JP to death! Very middling to bad GM. I like Eyebleaf BUT never understood his mad love for him. JP stands for Jerk to the Press BTW! No actually John Paul,I think. @ Eyebleaf, who does Halladay have bad things to say about,anyway? He's too honorable a guy to slag someone. Jp mis handled that entire freaking Halladay trade. He looks like a buffoon to the rest of baseball. 8 years of his bullshit, arrogance ,trades and signings that never petered out, THEY NEED A NEW VOICE. I don't like Anthopoulos or Lacava, they need a GM that has done it for years like Pat Gillick.

Add insult to injury, it seems like that sleaze JP leaked the rebellion against Cito. If this is true, what a sleaze indeed! They made him look bad by firing him with only two games to play. who the hell would hire this clown,now? The Red sox? Theo is too smart to take on a fool like JP. The Mets want him(that's trueB TW). Omar is dumb enough to take him on ,too. That would be funny to see JP succeed Omar in the GM spot. He could ruin another franchise!

Kyle said...

I didn't think JP was that good of a GM. It was time for Toronto to make a change.

Hopefully for their sake, the next guy does better.

Rob A from BBD said...

I wonder if Minaya is just talking about possibly hiring some of these guys so they aren't available to take his job. If I were him I wouldn't put so many replacements within the organization though.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

eye: Have you read moneyball? Theres alot of stuff in there about JP; alot I never knew about. Nice written blog post written on him too, I might add.

Bruno: He did screw up the Halladay thing, big time. I liked how they were willing to spend the past few years, though it was spent poorly. Not sure I can blame him too much about Vernon, as who would have known he was going to blow so bad?

Not that it matters as I doubt you will see the Jays spending much next year. You cant tell me though that the Rogers corporation isnt making a crap load. I wish ownership would put more into teams, but the Jays need to really start developing a bigger fanbase. But that all comes with the product you put on the field.. A good team, and the people will come... Right?

I am shocked for the backlash about Cito. I thought he was well liked in Canada? What the heck happened?

FWIW I cant stand Minaya at all. The Mets need to dump him.

Bruno Van rottweiller said...

Christina, Cito lost the fans because he confirmed this season something we already knew: he's not a good in game manager. analogous to Joe Torre, he's a good motivator and is not strategically inclined. he literally lets the players play(according your flame, Al Leiter BTW). Cito can't manage a bullpen to save his life too. He made very weird decisions in game with the BP pitchers. and he didn't play the rookies in sept. Chris, they weren't contending so why play Millar ? Play some new kids,but he didn't get it. I like cito BUT he has to go. They need a new GM pronto ,a new manager AND a new Pres and the Jays might get all three.

As for money, people don't realize what goes into a team's total expenditures, it's not only team payroll, it's money for the stadium, drafting, international signings etc so on. The Jays made 140 million last year in income before payroll and etc was deducted. Ted Rogers,their version of Geroge Steinnbrenner died, . He was willing to spend BUT the kids? I don't think so. BUT if they upped the payroll to at least 95 mill and added select players ,changed people like the GM and manager things could get done. It's dependent on ownership

And Omar is a very shitty GM. Can you believe the idiots who run the Mets extended him last year before he did anything special for the team and his contract was due this year! They extended him for 4 years! They collapsed in 2007, 2008 and bombed in 2009! They spent 147 mill this year and look at what happened. Compare that to the Jays. The Jays spent 80 million in the toughest division in baseball and won 75 and used all rookies in the pitching staff save for Doc. The Mets whine about having all these injurues along with Mike from Miked Up. They won 71 games , spent 147 mill, and who is their B team? Scraps from their crappy farm system,no? If you think JP is bad, Omar is worse.

Oh, Christina , what happened to Lauren, she never gave me any Staten Island gossip!

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Bruno: It will be interesting to see what they do next year. I hope the Jays can start developing their young guys and also continue to put money in their team. I wish their fan base was more dedicated, but I guess that will come with time and with them doing better. Toronto is a tough city for baseball, but I know I sure love the experience of traveling to the beautiful country to see baseball

Payroll is always based on ownership. Look at the Marlins and thats a perfect example. They dont put money into their team. You cant tell me that the owners arent making a crap load of money off that team. They just are greedy SOB's. Whom did something right though since they were able to win 2 WS. Too bad they dump their players after they do well.

Onar is a crappy GM. The problem with the mets were too many injuries and nobdy in the minors to compensate for these injuries. I saw the AAA mets play a game this year and they were just brutal. Not a single good prospect there. Hopefully their team will be healthy next year and they can pick up the pieces. I hope Minaya goes. I would love to see Bobby V back in the house. Love him and the fake mustache.

As for Lauren, she commented on a prior post somewhere, so I think shes around.

Hi to her!

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

I don't for a second believe that J.P. leaked that shit to the media, to create the CitoCity storm.

@ Bruno: Jeff Blair and other writers have said it about Doc; if he had nothing nice to say about Ricciardi, he wouldn't have said anything about him at all. Guys like Doc and Aaron Hill don't blow steam up guys asses for no reason. They're not going to big them up in the press if they don't feel the need to. The fact they spoke so highly in favour of Ricciardi shows just how much he meant to them.

J.P. was a gamer. All he wanted to do was win. He wanted to win with Toronto. Take down both the Evil Empires. I will always, always respect his desire to make it happen. He tried as he might, and he had to go. He had run his course. Eight years is a long time. But he wasn't let go because he is incompetent. J.P. is a solid general manager, and an incredible talent evaluator. He will get his World Series ring.

@ Chris: Thanks for reading it. And I have read Moneyball. I thought it was fantastic.

Bruno Van AKA JP Hater said...

@ Eyebleaf. JP signed Ryan :BUST. Jp signed Frank Thomas:Bust! and AJ: Kinda a Bust. He signed Rios to a very big contract WHEN he knew he was a lazy/unwinning ball player! And i haven't even mentioned the money he spent. JP knows pitching really well BUT position players? He developed Hill and Lind and who else? One of the problems with JP is that he concentrated on pitching and not so much on position players. BTw, where is the heir apparent in shprtstop OR third base,that JP has developed? Guess what he's not around, because JP hasn't developed successfully at those positions. All in all, JP has done an OK job, but the excuses with the Red Sox and Yankees spending money is ultimately an excuse.

One more thing:Jp might steal a WS ring (if the Red Sox hire him as a scout) BUT he won't be part of a WS championship as GM,NEVER!