Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Baseball.

Roy Halladay is 4-1! The man is on fire!!!

Hopefully a win for the Yanks tonight. Will be interesting to see if Melancon is put into the game tonight. I would think so since the pen is drained. But perhaps Pettitte will give us 9 innings. Okay small chance of that happening which means we will probably see Mark in the game..

I wish I could watch the game but instead I'll be at work. Gotta love having 12 jobs!


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Kyle said...

Halladay is simply awesome. He goes 7 or more innings each time and he wins. He's what a pitcher should be.

Melancon was pretty good. 2 scoreless innings by a middle reliever probably can land him a setup job for the team.

Other Sunday baseball... The Nats get their 1st road win of the year by beating the Mets. Tampa loses again and now has the AL's worst record.