Monday, September 29, 2008

Thoughts About the End of the Season

First and foremost, I have to mention this. I was watching a little bit of the Mets pregane and postgame ceremony for the closing of Shea stadium and there are a few things that left me annoyed. The most obvious thing is going to be regarding the fact they decided to hold it AFTER the game. Who in the world made that decision?

The other thing that really bothered me was the reaction of the Mets fan when Al Leiter was announced. Are Mets fans really that classless? The man was a Met for how many years? Do you guys not remember the 2000 World Series or the countless number of games he pitched in? This was a celebration of past players, and the mere fact there were boos during this day to appreciate past players was something that I was unable to fathom. Now lets see, maybe Al did something that deemed his accomplishments in NY unworthy. Was he caught using steroids? Was his face plastered in the paper for some not so nice activities or for trashing the mets organization? Well, as of my knowledge the answer is no. He has always seemed to praise all of the teams he was on and was never a player to boast and put down his teammates

So I ask, why that reaction from the fans.... Because he is an announcer for the Yankees??? Its not even worth my time going deeper and trying to make meaning of that. The man pitched some of his best years for the Mets, and if they don't remember, he did have an amazing 2000 (16-8 3.20 ERA making the All Star team) which helped the team make it to the World Series.

Anyhow, the year is over. It appears Pettitte will probably want to come back and Mussina will not be back. That is too bad, but Moose had a great run here and it was a great feeling to see him prove people wrong and win an amazing 20 games. If you are going to go out of the game you might as well go out on top.

Girardi needs to start the new season with a new outlook on how to handle the team and the media. I think the team is going to miss Giambi next year in more ways then one. He brought life and excitement to the team with his antics and these are a group of guys that need someone to get them going. Jeter is too nonchalant- at least to the public eye and Arod is still just a headcase.

Hopefully they get the starting pitching together and try to build some depth to their bullpen. They are going to spend the money once again, lets just hope for once they do it in a smart way so we aren't stuck with another guy like Kei Igawa who has disappeared along with 40 million dollars.

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