Monday, September 1, 2008

Epitomy of the Yankees Season

While the Yanks won tonight, todays game has been the summarization of the Yankees entire season. Besides the fact they actually put up some runs, they nearly blew it with their horrific pitching. Can someone explain to me why exactly Sidney Ponson is in the rotation? It certainly isn't because he's good looking. And it certainly isn't because he can pitch. So why Joe, tell me why, he is still part of the 5 man rotation???

Let's look at his line for the day.

3IP 9 H 6 ER and 1K

Lets go deeper and look at how hes performed while in pinstripes.

In 11 games started, Ponson is 3-4 with an ERA of 5.64. Hes given up 75 hit in only 60.2 innings and has walked more guys than he has struck out. There is only so long that the yankees can continue to throw out bums like this. There is no excuse for them to have a pull a pitcher in the 4th inning when he is given such a marginal lead.

Now my name may not be Joe Girardi, and I may not have a resume that says my opinion is worth anything, but I think even the most casual Yankee fan would tell you that this pitcher should not be on a AAA ballclub, let alone on the New York Yankees Major League squad. Sure you hear stories how hes getting along well with the other players, but don't let that actually make up for the mere simple fact that he STINKS. Theres no way to put it simpler. I could come up with a profund way to nicely say someone is horrible-- but why waste my time.

Joe Girardi has stated that Ponson is still on their starting staff-- which you know by Girardi's history of making comments that Ponson is on his way out. What I have come to learn this year, is that if you want an honest answer from the manager, you have to just listen to what he says, and then take the opposite of that answer. Trust me.

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saucy said...

I agree with you. At this point, what do they have to gain with Sidney. He filled a role, but they seem to have so much more patience with this guy than they have with their own in the past.

Give Hughes or Kennedy a spot. If so many starters in history have had terrible starts, lets let them get their 'crap' innings out of the way now. And who knows, maybe they will finally emerge!